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Fallout 4: Teleportation for Survival Mode Mod

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In the newly released Survival Mode, you are allowed to teleport TO The Institute from anywhere, but are only allowed to teleport from The Institute to the CIT Ruins. As a result, Institute players are shafted a bit by Survival Mode since, unlike the other factions, anyone who sided with The Institute doesn't have access to vertibirds. Which allow relatively quick and safe travel. 

The restriction is also a bit dubious lore-wise since throughout the game, The Institute zaps various people to and from places throughout The Commonwealth. Notably during Mass Fusion, where you're teleported directly to the top of the Mass Fusion building, and in the attack on the airport. Virgil mentions that Coursers are primarily inserted over the CIT Ruins, but never says that's the ONLY place they can be inserted. And since Coursers are zapped to a fro throughout the storyline, it seems clear thats not the only place the teleporter can send Coursers or the player for that matter. 

Furthermore, if you're Director of The Institute, why wouldn't you have access to The Institute's full resources? You should be able to materialize and de-materialize wherever you want. You're the King of Science damnit!

In order to do this, I had to manually add all of the locations to the array which Bethesda used to store which locations could be traveled to from The Institute. I think I got all of them, but obviously this was a bit tedious so let me know if I missed any. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: This mod DOES NOT affect regular fast-travel. In order to use The Institute teleporter, you'll need to fast-travel to The Institute first, and then travel to wherever you want to go. Effectively using The Institute as a relay station. NORMAL FAST TRAVEL IS STILL DISABLED. 

Obviously this mod makes siding with The Institute a tempting prospect in survival mode, so use your best judgement about gameplay balance. However, I personally see it as a good alternative to The Institute lacking vertibirds. Otherwise, Institute players are forced to basically walk everywhere. And besides, the teleporter is an essential part of Institute lore so....yeah.

Author: Andronicus

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