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Activating this trainer

If not state otherwise below, press F1 at main menu.
Listen for 'Trainer Activated'.
Press desired hotkey. All hotkeys can be changed on the trainer.



Trainer Options

# Player 
     NumPad1: Invulnerable 
     NumPad2: Immortal Mode
     NumPad3: Unlimited Health
     NumPad4: Unlimited Pal Health
     NumPad5: Unlimited Stamina
     NumPad6: Unlimited Satiety 
     NumPad7: Super Damage
     NumPad8: %100 Pal Capture Rate
     NumPad9: All Pals Are Lucky / Rare
     Multiply: No Pal Skill Cooldown
     Add: Unlimited Weapon Durability 
     Subtract: No Grappling Hook Cooldown
     Decimal: No Reload
     Divide: No Recoil
     F1: No Hunger
     F2: Zero Weight
     F3: Unlimited Stat Points
     F4: Unlimited Technology Points
     F5: Unlock All Technology Recipes 
     F6: Unlimited EXP
     F7: Free Build
     F8: Instant Build
     F9: Free Craft
     F10: Instant Craft
     F11: No Base Build Limit
     F12: No Frostbite 
     F13: Unlimited Partner Ability (Lifmunk Recoil)
     F14: Instant Pal Breed
     F15: Instant Egg Hatch
     F16: %100 Drop Rate
     F17: Build Anywhere
     F18: Unlimited Base Buildings Health
     F19: Decrease Body Temperature 
     F20: Increase Body Temperature 

# Time 
     F21: Advance Time
     F22: Freeze Time
     F23: Decrease Time

# Inventory 
     F24: Refresh Inventory Editor
     NumLock: Prevent Ammo and Item Depletion 

# Key Items 
     Scroll: Add 5 Keys to Each Key Item
     LeftShift: Unlimited Lifmunk Effigies
     RightShift: Subtract 5 Keys From Each Key Item

# Player Movement 
     LeftCtrl: Fly
     RightCtrl: No Clip
     LeftAlt: Hover Player Higher
     RightAlt: Hover Player Lower
     BrowserBack: Increase Player Speed
     BrowserForward: Decrease Player Speed
     BrowserRefresh: Set Normal Player Speed
     BrowserStop: Increase Jump Height
     BrowserSearch: Decrease Jump Height
     BrowserFavorites: Set Normal Jump Height
     BrowserHome: Decrease Gravity
     VolumeMute: Increase Gravity
     VolumeDown: Set Normal Gravity

# Enemy  
     VolumeUp: Decrease Enemy Speed
     MediaNextTrack: Increase Enemy Speed
     MediaPreviousTrack: Freeze Enemies
     MediaStop: Set Normal Enemy Speed

# Teleport 
     MediaPlayPause: Save Position Slot 1
     LaunchMail: Save Position Slot 2
     SelectMedia: Save Position Slot 3
     LaunchApplication1: Save Position Slot 4
     LaunchApplication2: Save Position Slot 5
     Oem1: Restore Position Slot 1
     OemPlus: Restore Position Slot 2
     OemComma: Restore Position Slot 3
     OemMinus: Restore Position Slot 4
     OemPeriod: Restore Position Slot 5

# Game  
     OemQuestion: Game Speed

Editor Options

# Player 
     EXP Multiplier
     Stat Points
     Technology Points
     Ancient Technology Points
     Money Multiplier
     Damage Multplier

# Inventory 
     Slot 1 - Slot 50

# Keys  
     Lifmunk Effigies
     Key Amount to Add or Remove

# Player Movement 
     Player Speed Multiplier
     Jump Multiplier
     Gravity Multiplier

# Enemy  
     Enemy Speed Multiplier


Zero Weight:
Enable this at main menu before loading your save game.

Free Craft:
Warning: Once enabled then effects are permanent in the CURRENT seesion until you restart your game.

No Base Build Limit:
This option allows you to build many bases as you like without a limit.

Refresh Inventory Editor:
Use this to refresh the inventory editor.

Prevent Ammo and Item Depletion :
Make sure to disable this before acquiring crafts and picking up items.

Slot 1:
Use 'Refresh Inventory Editor' first.

Key Amount to Add or Remove:
With this option you can add or remove keys from your total key items, for example if you want to add 5 to each key item then set this to 5 or if you want to remove 5 then set it to negative respectively.

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Game files - Palworld

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