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    Helldivers 2

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Activating this trainer

If not state otherwise below, press F1 at main menu.
Listen for 'Trainer Activated'.
Press desired hotkey. All hotkeys can be changed on the trainer.

Trainer Options

# Player 
     NumPad1: Super Health
     NumPad2: Unlimited Stims
     NumPad3: Unlimited Stamina
     NumPad4: Super Speed

# Weapons 
     NumPad5: Unlimited Ammo
     NumPad6: No Reload
     NumPad7: No Recoil
     NumPad8: No Reload Autocannon
     NumPad9: Unlimited Grenades
     Multiply: No Laser Cannon Overheat
     Add: No Sickle Overheat
     Subtract: No Sickle Reload

# Packs 
     Decimal: Fast Jetpack Cooldown
     Divide: Mega Shield

# Timers 
     F1: Unlimited Mission Time

# Resources 
     F2: Max Mission Resources Pickup
     F3: Max RES for Mission

# Stratagems 
     F4: Fast Stratagem Cooldowns
     F5: Unlimited Stratagems
     F6: All Stratagems at Loadout

# Escort and Save Civilians Missions 
     F7: Remove All Damage In Game

# Login 
     F8: Fast Attempt Server Login
     F9: Fast Attempt Server Retry

# Enemies 
     F10: Weak Enemies
     F11: Confused Enemies

# Mission 
     F12: Fast Extraction Wait Timer
     F13: Easy Open Vaults One Player

# Map 
     F14: Show Points of Interest on Map

Editor Options

# Stratagems 
     Stratagem Type ID


Trainer is ONLY FOR, and ONLY WILL WORK FOR games that are PRIVATE and you are PLAYING SOLO.

Make sure AURORA is already running and you have the trainer pulled up for Helldivers 2.

If Aurora reports "This trainer will not work with this version of Aurora.", you can close that and disregard.

The trainer comes with a program attached called Helldivers2Launcher.exe

You need to place it in the same directory as the Helldivers 2.exe, usually here:

C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Helldivers 2\bin


Launch the game by double clicking the Helldivers2Launcher.exe once you place it in that folder.  You may hear some beeps but you will NOT see the game immediately.  Then, go back to AURORA.  You have about 10 seconds to activate the trainer once you launch the game using the launcher.

Once you see GAME FOUND in Aurora, then activate the trainer in Aurora.  The game will THEN launch.  Wait for "Activated" and then the trainer is ready to use.

When you QUIT the game a GameGaurd webpage may pop up.  This is normal.  Close the browser to allow the game to close.

Unlimited Ammo:
May not work for all weapons.

No Reload:
This is not for ALL weapons, but many of them.

Max RES for Mission:
Some missions have a lot of "side missions" that can bring in possible RES.  Toggle this on and when you enter the mission the trainer will try to make those "complete" and at the end of the mission you may get credit for more things than what you actually did. Some level 9 missions, you may generate 250000 to 30000 in RES in one mission.

Remove All Damage In Game:
This removes ALL damage in the game, allowing the civilians to safely make it to the extraction zone.  Note that this also means that enemies cannot be harmed either, so set up things to distract them if possible to keep paths clear if you can.  This will greatly help SOLO missions with civilians to protect.

Weak Enemies:
Probably best to have taken damage at least ONCE before turning this on, even if you have super health on.  This ramps up DAMAGE in the game.  Make sure you have UNLIMITED HEALTH on, or you will instantly die!

Show Points of Interest on Map:
Toggle on and a series of Question marks will appear on the map and you can use them as a guide to locate loot or other things that are on the current map.

Stratagem Type ID:
This is the ID of the first Stratagem.  YOu can change it to give yourself custom Stratagems for the missions.  Check with the forum for working IDs.

Useful stratagems

90 (Giantantic Blast with massive damage and Radius, Use Infinte Health to survive this)
77 (Deploy's a ship with 5-6 Human Characters with Librators with basic ai short detection range and can shoot back at enemys, it also break's the certain's game audio elements)
64 - extraction (this version automaticly starts the call of the ship please note you still need go to the extraction site where the ships is)

Helldivers 2: Trainer +29 {}
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Game files - Helldivers 2

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