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Starfield: SaveGame (Production of Rothicite Magnets)

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Complete industrial chain for the production of roticite magnets. I was looking for more beautiful places for bases. "Russian Forest", for example, is located on the border of coniferous and deciduous biomes. There are even birch trees in the coniferous forest.

Long-range space reconnaissance starship Wanderer. All equipment is class "C". 100% maneuverability with 5k load capacity. Scanning protection is installed. Special attention was paid to the interior - it really is a flying house with billiards and a rocking chair. :) In the external design, I had to dance around the connection diagram between the habitable modules and the cabin. It's gorgeous - the best view and two-story (I don't like vertical stairs). The main weapon (disruptors) is not the most powerful, but shoots continuously without restrictions.

The beginning of the story with Sarah. You just woke up inside the almost empty (I was looking for a smarter way to dock the modules) Amos Barton's base, which he recently built on Jamison...

Author: Dominik Barzini

Starfield: SaveGame (Production of Rothicite Magnets)

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