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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - SaveGame (beginning of the game, almost all side tasks completed)

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    Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

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Let me explain right away: No cheats, no trainers or save editors were used, I myself am sitting surprised at what was possible, because I have never been able to complete additional missions, it was done with difficulty.

Not all additional tasks have been completed - Taxi Driver (50 passengers), Paramedic (Lv. 12), Courier in Los Santos (50 packages), Fireman (Lv. 12), Pimp (Lv. 10) and the most tedious task - Policeman (12 Lv.) I had to postpone the passage because of the task; criminals with shotguns tortured poor Karl.

Shooting skills, I used two fire engines that I pushed into the garage, I still can’t get them out:
AK-47, M16, TEC-9 + UZI, MP5, DESERT EAGLE, SAWED-OFF SHOTGUN, SHOTGUN, and SPAS-12 (had to fly to a neighboring city to get it), pistols were not possible, because they are very difficult to get, I didn’t I know where they are, but Deagle found them.

100 Graffiti were painted over (after which I started leveling up my gun skills).

Completed 3 story missions; during the “Graffiti on the Territory” missions, we managed to paint over everything in 2 hours.

Increased BMX skill, endurance skill and some muscle.

Carl has the ability to run endlessly, the house theft mission was also completed (100 houses), I needed money, a lot of money.

I managed to gain a little skill in driving a car, and in this way I opened a racing competition.
“8-Track” and “BMX Challenge”, the records there are small, but you will be able to break them.
That's all I've described here. ENJOY YOUR WALKING!


Post to: C:\Users\username\Documents\GTA San Andreas User Files.

Author: Solmak

Game files - Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

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