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GoreBox: SaveGame (zombie apocalypse map) [+1.15.0]

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This map has a base for the walking dead, in which you need to leave a lot of zombie vaccines (this is the house with the bushes on the left). This is the story of how I got into the zombie apocalypse.

There are also things blocking the road (these are cars or, worst of all, blue platforms).
In the middle of the map there is a house, the second floor of which is full of bushes, which gives you an advantage over zombies.
Also on the second floor there are gifts with weapons and clothes. Near this house there is a parking lot with lawn mowers (which I left for fun).
Not far from that house, there is another one (near the accident), you can climb into it through a hole in the roof or like a normal one through the first floor, it, like all the other houses, is barricaded.
There is also another house through the concrete wall, which is difficult for zombies to get into through the usual entrance. One of its features is that there are several sets of armor inside.
Behind this house THIS IS another house in which there is a bunker, or an exit from the playing area, there is a helicopter there.
Another point of interest is a three-story house, also barricaded, but now with the rest it has a button to launch nuclear bombs, after pressing you have 1 minute to escape from quarantine (the way to escape is written above)
For saving to work as always, download the save and leave it in the Saves folder, the path to the folder is below:

Installation instructions:



GoreBox: SaveGame (zombie apocalypse map) [+1.15.0]

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