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GoreBox: SaveGame (Map for RolePlay) [+1.15.0]

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This save is ideal for role-playing games (RolePlay). The map contains many interesting locations and features that will allow you to completely immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the virtual city.

The main feature of this map is the presence of a functional hotel with working doors where players can stay and relax between gaming sessions. In addition, here you will find a cozy bar and cafe where you can have a snack and chat with other players.

For those who like to drive, there is a special parking lot where you can purchase various vehicles. Please note that they will initially be frozen to avoid traffic chaos.

There is also a full-fledged bank on the map, located next to the parking lot, where players can store their virtual savings.

For fans of action and detective stories, there is a police station on the map with a prison on the second floor. Be careful when locking up criminals - don't forget to give them a dose of the zombie virus so they don't die in their cells. For calmer players, there is a separate cell on the lower floor of the site.

Behind the police station is a subway where players can find a secret military base with a rocket launcher and MLRS system. And at the other end of the map, in the upper right corner, there is another military base - the most guarded place in the entire territory. Here you will find a weapons room and a combat helicopter.

In the center of the map is the post of the mayor of the city, where a helicopter periodically appears. Remember to remove it after use to avoid cluttering the space.

For fashionistas and shopping lovers, the map has a clothing store and eatery located in the lower right corner. And for those who prefer privacy, there is a lonely house in the lower left corner.

And, of course, what city is complete without a club? It is located closer to the center of the map, behind the hotel.

It is important to note that all key places on the map, such as shops and cafes, are closed with special barrels to restrict access. The exception is the military base, which I accidentally left open. Be careful, otherwise every player will be able to gain access to armor and vehicles.

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GoreBox: SaveGame (Map for RolePlay) [+1.15.0]

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