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Elden Ring: SaveGame (Before endings, NG+) [1.16 without DLC]

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    Elden Ring

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    After downloading file rename to .zip and open it with any compression program


Everything was done without cheats and with my own hands. Played the licensed version of the game without DLC
NG+ / level 240 / all legendary weapons, handfuls of dust, spells and talismans

Some NPCs may be lost
The storyline with Renny the Witch is fully completed
There are still some memories of the bosses
Completed all story bosses and Astel, born of the abyss
Mog, lord of blood, completed and point for farming open
Got the Chaos ending on my first playthrough
All bosses and mini-bosses in the game were killed (even Malenia, Placidusax and Fortisax)
Only main bonfires are open due to NG+ speedrun
Save right before choosing the ending, but nothing prevents you from leaving and doing everything necessary for the other endings
Not a single Larval Tear (needed to redistribute the build) was spent in NG+ and some are already in the inventory. All blacksmith stones are unlocked by the maids and not all lilies of the valley for improving Ashes


Press win + R and write %AppData% in the window that opens (the game must be turned off)
In the open %AppData% folder, find the "Elden Ring" folder
You will see a folder whose name will have 17 numbers (everyone has different numbers)
In this folder, a file called “ER0000.sl2” is your Save, transfer the downloaded file to this folder and click replace the file in the destination folder (I advise you to copy your save somewhere to a separate place before doing this)
Ready! You can come in and enjoy the game

Author: vern3r

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