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Kung-Fu Panda: Walkthrough

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Level 1 - Po's Dream 

Run forward and talk to the rabbit to the left after the cart. He will ask you to help him find his family vases. Run up the stairs either to the right or left and get to the bridge that should be ahead of where you started. Punch through the boxes to collect the first family vase. Collect all of the coins here and continue ahead to the path you haven't been to yet. You can talk to all the rabbits for general tips on what items do in the game. You will enter a quick cutscene where you have to save a rabbit from some bad guys. 

This is the first battle sequence of the game. These bad guys are really simple since they are the first few to get you accustomed to the game. Just quickly hit them a couple of times until they all disappear in a big poof. Run into the village and you will enter another cutscene where your father will throw you a scroll that will talk about fighting combos. Some more bad guys will appear.

Fight them off until you punch the last one through the gate. After then, break all of the stands and boxes for some hidden coins. Behind one of the stands in the back right corner will be another family vase.

Enter the gate that you broke through and fight off a couple more bad guys. If you stick to the main path, you will run into a gate. You can't open it but another family vase and some food will be here. Turn around and start running back to the first gate. You will see a path to the left, go in there and grab another family vase. Don't break the boxes because there are three coins here that you need to jump on the boxes to reach. After you collect all of them, then you can break the boxes for some more coins. You will notice a break in the bushes with a skinny ledge you can walk across.

You have to walk across this ledge and collect all of the coins here. Tilt the nunchuck in the direction you want Po to lean into so you won't fall off. It doesn't hurt to take your time here, it's not a race so stop completely if you have to rebalance Po currectly. Roll down the hill and you will roll all the way past the gate. Turn around once you stop rolling and jump back onto the platform to reach the path you went through. Collect all the coins here and the two family vases. Break the boxes for some extra coins. Now go back to where you stopped rolling which is behind the locked gate.

Move forward for another cutscene where a bigger bad guy will appear. His attacks are quite a bit stronger but you should be able to easily block them.

To block, just hit the Z button. His swings are very slow so when you see him wind up, just block. Attack him in between his attacks with your quick attacks.

You will see some large boxes on the right side. Jump on those to reach the family vase there. Break all of the other boxes in this area before you fight the big bad guy that appears on the stairs to collect all of the items here.

Once you fight all of the bad guys off, you will start to fight inside of the dojo. Start off by running to the back left corner and grab the family vase that is there. Fight off all of these bad guys. There is a staff you can use in as a weapon on the far right hand side of the room, press the - Button to pick it up and start to use it. After a while, you will get a cut scene where all of the bad guys will pile up on you and start attacking you, to get out of this, you have to rapidly shake your Wiimote up and down to get rid of them. After that you will enter a Panda Stumble which will cause you to roll to the next section of the stage. Try to collect as many coins as you can on this Panda Stumble.

When you land, immediately start to fight off the bad guys. You will learn your first ability which is the Panda Quake. To do this ability, simply jump by pressing the A button and swing both controllers down. Fight off these bad guys while collecting the items around this room. There are two rare coins, two family vases, and a staff. Collect all of them before you fight all of the bad guys off. After you fight them off, you'll have your first boss encounter, A Worthy Foe.

This first boss fight is pretty simple. Run back to where the staff was and another one will spawn for you to use during this boss battle. Just hit him a few times. After one attack he will quickly attack back so just block with your Z button to block his attacks. There's nothing special to this boss, just fight him off like any other bad guy you have fought against so far.


Level 2 - Tournament of the Dragon Warrior 

Start off by running to the right. Go behind the wagon for a rare coin. Go to the left of where you started and collect the coins you can reach. You will eventually talk to a rabbit that will ask you to free four other rabbits. Fight the four bad guys that are harassing the first rabbit to free him. He will hop in the ballista and then teach you how to use it. Use the ballista to break all of the large bags you can aim at. You can aim up and down as well to aim for higher bags. Climb the platforms of the bags you just broke. You can jump onto the wall from the first platform and grab some ledges. Jump to the highest one and shimmy to the left.

Jump the gap of the platforms and grab the firework that is sitting there. There are some more ledges you can climb on to your right on the platform with the fireworks. Climb up to the top for another rare coin. Fight off the three bad guys that are hassling the second rabbit and use the ballista here. Break a few more bags open across the room here and then hop out when there are no bags left. Climb onto the platforms where the bags were that you just destroyed with the second ballista.

Grab onto the ledges and shimmy along them to make it across the platforms. You will have to jump to the last one. Collect all of the coins on this short path and grab the two fireworks. Fall off the platform when you get behind the wall and fight off the bad guys here to free the third rabbit. Some more bad guys will appear after you free him so fight all of them off until they stop coming. Grab the firework on the bridge and you will fall through it to enter another cutscene.

Fight off the bad guys that you see come after the poor defenseless bunnies in the cutscene. Collect the coins and jump over the barricade after you fight off the bad guys. After that you will enter the Juggernaut Testing Grounds. This is basically an obstacle course where you have to avoid all of the moving obstacles. Just wait for the obstacles to smash and then move out of the way, then start to run past it. This part really shouldn't be that difficult to get through. Fight off the bad guys that are hassling the last rabbit to save. You will enter another cutscene with the rabbits thanking you.

Right after the cutscene, some more bad guys will appear. Fight all of them off before you hop in the ballista. Once they are all down and no more are appearing, hop in the ballista and blow up the bags of confetti on the platforms. When they are all blown up, jump onto those platforms and collect the coins and fireworks. You will have to avoid the next obstacles when you turn the corner of this house. Jump along the platforms and there will be a ledge when you reach the end of the path. Hop onto it and shimmy to the right.

Fall down and grab another firecracker below one of the hammers. Make your way back to where you were when you fell off and shimmy all the way to the right to climb onto the roof.

Make your way past the slicing blades quickly and grab another firework. Fall down to the right off the building for two more fireworks. Climb onto the platform to your left down here that appears to be a large gator head snapping. Just climb up and you will have to shake your Wiimote rapidly to break it so it won't hurt you. You will enter another quick cutscene here. Fight off the boars and collect all of the fireworks in this room. Break all of the boxes to unveil some more fireworks. Once you are done collecting everything, run over to the chair and hit the - Button to enter a cutscene.

Now you will enter the boss battle of this stage where you will fight The Juggernaut. This boss battle is actually pretty fun. Just avoid its attacks at first, don't go behind it or it will swipe you with its tail. Once the target pops out of its chest, attack it. Now you have to pay attention, you have to quickly swing the Wiimote in the direction shown on the screen. Do it a couple times until you climb to the top of the Juggernauts head and slam its head. Just do this three times until you defeat this large monstrosity.


Level 3 - Po's First Day 

Stay on this higher platform for the time being. There are three different types of dummies up here. Go to the left and the first is simple, just hit him a few times in any way you want. The next dummy will be on a string. These dummies are quick so you have to use quick attacks with the B Button. Keep circling this outter edge and kill the same two dummies you just killed. After that will be large, fatter dummies. Use strong attacks to kill them which you can do by shaking your Wiimote. Fall in the pit and destroy the last training dummy.

Go through the door when it opens for the next stage of your training. You will have to destroy the first dummy in this room by using your Charge. To do this, you have to hold your Nunchuck upward and your Wiimote downward. Point them both forward to release to destroy this dummy. Do a Panda slam in the middle of the circle of dummies next. To do this, just jump and flick both controllers forward, kill off the rest of the dummies that survived. The next set of dummies, you will have to use a combo of fast attack, fast attack, and strong attack. So just hit B twice and swing the Wiimote forward for this combo. After that one, you have to juggle a dummy by flicking the Wiimote upwards.   

After you clear this room, Shifu will make you try to destroy thirty two dummies in two minutes. You shouldn't try to collect the coins here while you are trying to accomplish this goal, just attack the dummies. You will get regular dummies and tough dummies. Just block the first attack of the tough dummies and then use tough attacks. When they are all in a circle, try using a panda quake to hurt several of them at once. You should finish with just a few seconds left and a rare coin will appear.

Move forward into the next room and Tigress will basically laugh at how weak and pitiful you are. It's time to prove her wrong by beating her record. Immdiately fall into the pit in front of you. Destroy the three quick dummies in front of you. Move further towards the other end of this room and destroy the tough dummy. Climb onto the ledge at the end of the pit and destroy the next tough dummy. Go right and around the little obstacle to kill another tough dummy. Climb across the tight rope to the right and destroy the last tough dummy. Collect the rest of the coins and continue to the next room of training.

Next you will enter the Monkey's room. Start off by going immediately to the left. Avoid the obstacles and jump on the trampoline at the end. Destroy the dummy at the top of the jump of the trampoline with quick attacks. Go back to the beginning and done the right path and do the same thing. Now bounce across the trampolines in the middle. On the last trampoline, bounce forward and grab onto a rope. Climb onto the rope and go right. Kill the tough dummy and go to the right along these platforms. Avoid the swinging objects and kill the next tough dummy. Go back to the rope and walk across it. Kill this tough dummy. Go to the left and avoid these swinging objects and kill the last tough dummy at the end of this platform. Head for the door to the next room.

Now you will enter Viper's room. Fall down into the pit and avoid all of the fire. Destroy all of the enemies down here including the ones on the platforms as you pass them. Destroy the large dummy at the end, it's just a big version of a tough dummy so grab the staff to the left of him and use strong attacks until he is destroyed. Once you destroy him, climb the platform and go either left or right. Avoid the obstacles and there will be a sort of ladder made of ledges at the end of each path. Jump up it and make your way to the middle at the top. Turn around and jump across these small platforms. Walk across the tightrope whil avoiding the moving objects and kill the two quick dummies after the tightrope. After you kill those two quick enemies, hop across the moving platforms to kill the last one. Enter the door that has opened to talk to Shifu and finish this level.


Level 4 - Protect The Palace 

The first few waves are really easy. The first wave only has one boar that will run with a treasure to the back of this room. So head over there and stop him before he escapes. The next wave will just have two boars that attack you and that's it for that wave. The third wave you will see debris falling from the ceiling of four pillars. That's where they are breaking in, hit the dragons on those pillars to burn the boars to get rid of them. Attack two more bad guys in this wave and you will see a quick cut scene where they are breaking into the red room.

Go back to the door of the entrance of the dojo. Head to the right and run down this hall. The hall to the red room has a long trail of coins so if you don't see the coins, you're heading down the wrong hall. You will see some bad guys in here, avoid them for now. Jump up the boxes and touch the ceiling doors to close them. You will notice a rare coin on top of some of these boxes so grab it. Once they are closed, fight off all the bad guys in this room. When the bad guys in here are gone, run back to the room you started in.

Fight off these waves of bad guys. Hit the dragons on the pillars when you can. The first wave will head to the front door so make sure none of them get away. There are three waves in this part and they will all slide down the pillars around the middle of the room. Stay in that general area and just keep hitting the pillars, a few might sneak by so attack them when they start stealing the palace's treasures. After you fight those waves off, you will have to head to the blue room.

Go back to the door of the entrance of the dojo. Head to the left this time and run down the hall. You will see four trampolines and there are two doors. Bounce off of each trampoline to reach all of the hatches for both doors. After the doors are shut, fight off the remaining boars in here and head back to the main hall. There will be a two more waves here. Fight them off how you fought off the previous waves by hitting the dragons on the pillars to burn the boars. They will all head for the front door here so make sure none of them sneak by. After you finish them all off you will enter a cutscene that introduces the boss.

This boss is also incredibly simple. His attacks are slow so you have plenty of time to initiate your block ability. Block his attacks and quickly throw in a few strong attacks until you knock him back before he can attack you again. Just keep doing his a few times to easily finish this level. If you need health, there is plenty of dumplings spread out through the main hall for you to eat, there is even a staff to use.


Level 5 - Lake of Tears   

Start this level off by destroying all of the crates at the beginning to collect all of the coins hidden within them. Run across the bridge in front of you when you collect all of the coins. The lilly pads and floating boards will slowly sink when you stand on them so don't stay on them for too long. Jump onto the first lilly pad and head to the right. Jump across all of these lilly pads and find two tortoise eggs. At the end of this path and at the second tortoise egg, break the box for some coins. Wait there for a second and you will see two boards float up that will bring you back to the beginning of the level.

Go back to that first lilly pad and instead of turning right, head straight. You will enter a cutscene. Fight off the two crocs that will attack you here. There's another tortoise shell on this little island. Collect all of the coins here and continue to the left across some more lilly pads for another tortoise shell. Head back to where the crocs first attacked you and jump to the floating boards. Jump across the platforms here until you reach the village. Before you enter the village, go to the right. You will see some more lilly pads, jump across those for another tortoise egg and some more coins hidden in boxes. After you collect everything here, head back to the village.

You will see a croc attacking a turtle. Quickly attack him and this turtle will help you. Follow him into the lake and jump on his back to get to the next island. Make your way across these lilly pads for another tortoise egg and some bad guys to beat up. Head back to where you helped the turtle and go to the left where you will see another croc attacking a turtle. Help this turtle here by attacking the croc and he will help you in return. Follow him and when he crouches by the wall, jump on his back to reach the higher platform. There's a tortoise egg up here and some coins.

Where you helped the last tortoise, you will see some floating boards. Jump across these to the next part of the village. Help these two tortoises. Stay along the left edge of the lake and you will see a small path on the left of a large stone, go there for a rare coin. Go back to the tortoise you just saved who goes in the lake and jump on his back to get to the next island for another tortoise shell. Head back and go to the other tortoise you saved and jump on his back to get on top of the tall stone for the last tortoise shell. Run to the right of that tortoise and talk to the Mother Tortoise.   

You will enter a cutscene where she will tell you to head to the town plaza. Collect the coins before you hop on her back. When ready, jump on her and keep your balance by tilting your nunchuck. After you reach the island, fight off the three crocs. Head to the left across the platforms and at the end of this path is another rare coin. Go back to where you got off the tortoise and go down the other platforms you haven't gone down yet to reach the crocodile queen.   

Just run up to the queen and you will save the baby tortoise. There will be a cutscene, no boss battle, where Master Crane will save you. This is where you get to control Master Crane as he flies. You can control him just like you control Panda's stumble by tilting the nunchuck. This part is a bit difficult, you just have to avoid the croc's attacks. He only has three attacks. One will attack the lower half of the screen. The next he will jump either to the top right or top left, he will look in that direction before diving to jump so if he looks left, head to the right. The other is when he jumps straight up, he will swipe his tail which will attack the whole top half of the screen. He will look straight up before diving to jump for this attack. So try to just avoid all of them. I usually stay in a top corner of the screen and if he jumps to a side, I will quickly fly to the other, and if he jumps straight up, I will quickly drop to the bottom of the screen. It's a bit tought at first but it gets easy once you catch on. After a while, you will reach a cutscene where you escape from the croc and finish this level.


Level 6 - Wudang Temple 

*NOTE - After the Great Gorilla first spots you, he will throw large stones at you throughout the level, so don't stand in one spot too long or you will get hurt.   

Run across the bridge to the right and you will enter a cutscene and receive and optional mission which is to destroy all fo the climbing rigs. They look like targets on the edges of some cliffs. There will be three in this area, destroy them all for another cutscene. Grab the explosive ball and throw it at the rock formation on the edge of the cliff for some hidden coins. Climb up the ledges to enter the next cutscene. Make your way towards the Great Gorilla. You will see a few boxes that appear to be filled with fireworks. Either throw an item into them, smash an enemy into them, or destroy them with Panda Quake. Avoid the rocks the Great Gorilla throughs at you and you will cross a bridge. After crossing it, the bridge will fall apart.

Climb the ledges for the first relic of this stage. Fall back down to the lower ledge and run all the way around it. There will be two climbing rigs. When you destroy both of those, cross the one bridge here that is still standing. After you cross the bridge, move to the left and break the climbing rig quickly. Now head to the right and break the other climbing rig. Grab the bag of explosives and throw it at the rock formation on the wall for a rare coin. Go back to the bridge and climb up the ledges there to reach the higher part of this platform. Once up here, attack the two gorillas and grab the next relic. You will have to destroy the boxes filled with explosives to reach that relic. Cross the long bridge filled with coins.

Run all the way around the lower edge and break all of the climbing rigs here. Climb the ramp onto the higher platform here and fight off the gorillas waiting for you. Grab the explosive ball and throw it at the box of explosives to get the third relic. Cross the bridge that is filled with coins and do a Panda Quake at the box of explosives when a gorilla is near you. Grab the fourth relic here and fight off the gorillas. Run to the left side of where that relic was to reach the lower edge of this cliff. Run around it and destroy the two climbing rigs. Cross the bridge with all of the coins on it.

Break the two climbing rigs on this ledge and then head to the left. Throw the explosive ball at the rock formation to climb up the ledges they are hiding. Grab the relic here and cross the next bridge that is covered in coins. Run around this ledge and break all of the climbing rigs. On the opposite end, throw the explosive ball at the rock formation for a rare coin. Climb to the center of this cliff for another relic. Cross the next bridge that is covered in coins. Grab the last relic that is in the middle of this cliff.

Turn to the left and cross the bridge to Master Shifu. You will see a cutscene where Po just barely avoids being destroyed with the bridge. Now you get to play as Master Shifu for a bit. Run up the ramp to the temple. Break all of the climbing rigs before you fight the gorillas. Once they are all destroyed, fight off the three gorillas for another cutscene where you regain control of Po. Roll down the bridges and avoid the boxes of explosives. After another quick cutscene, you will enter this boss battle where you have to fight the Great Gorilla.

Immediately run to the right and break the three climbing rigs. Fight off the minions that had climbed up them before you could break them. Now that they're all set, it's time to focus on the Great Gorilla. Try to keep a safe distance from him. You will notice several explosive balls entering this little fighting area. Pick them up and throw them at the Great Gorilla. It helps to upgrade your throwing skill if you have some extra coins for the extra distance. After a couple explosive balls hits him, he will fall and you will finish this level.


Level 7 - Treacherous Waters 

Go forward and you will see two paths of lilly pads, take either as they both go to the same place. The one of the right will give you a tip about the lanterns. They will turn off when you pass them to help you remember where you have been. Jump to the next lilly pad and you will see it split in three different directions. Go to the left and you will reach an island. Go left again for the first villager. Now go to the right path you haven't gone to yet and follow this path to the end to the next trapped villager.  acktrack to the beginning where you saw the three paths of lilly pads, take the right path now.

Keep following these lilly pads and avoid the crocs with the bombs. You will see one more split in the path up ahead, take the right path to free the third villager. Head back to the split and take the other path you didn't take yet. This path of lilly pads will lead you to the island in the middle. Fight off several crocs here and free the last villager on this island. There is only one side of the island that you can jump off of and land on lilly pads, however you will see two paths. Take the left path and when this path splits head right.

Keep moving forward and you will see the path split again. Go straight and double jump over the lilly pads to reach the island with the rare coin. Make your way back to the main path and continue on your way. Now just follow any path to the boat with Shifu in it. Some paths have coins which you can see right away but it doesn't really matter which path you take. Once you reach Shifu, you will hop in his boat and steer it like you would steer a Panda Stumble by rotating the nunchuck. Just try to aim for the biggest openings in between the rocks. Your boat's health is on the bottom and if you hit too many rocks, you will sink. Once you reach the end of the river, you will complete this level.


Level 8 - Wudang Rescue 

This level will begin with a Quick Time Event where the Furious Five try to take on Tai Lung themselves. You have to swing your Wiimote quickly in the direction that is shown on the screen. Just pay close attention because you don't have too much time before you fail. I also wanted to just add a quick note, when Viper starts to choke Tai Lung, keep swinging the Wiimote up, you don't do it once, you do it several times until the next command shows up. After this battle, you will see another cutscene and take control of Master Shifu.

Free the first village that is right in front of you at the beginning. Now advance straight ahead and you will have to fight off several bad guys. Once you fight all of them off, the gate that is blocking entry to the bridge opens up. Cross the bridge and fight the bad guy on it. You will see some clouds at a dead end. Jump into the clouds and press either A or the - Button again and he will jump really high to reach the top of the cliff. Climb the platform to the left to free the villager up here. Go back and climb the left platform.

Climb these rocks and you will see a ledge that sticks out. Jump off this ledge to the next cliff. When the path splits, head to the left for some coins, go back and then take the right path when ready. Fight off the bad guys when you cross the bridge. Go to the cage and press the - Button to free Crane. After this cut scene, you will see some clouds appear in front of you at the edge of the cliff. Jump off the cliff and into the cloud. Bounce across all of the clouds until you reach the next cliff.   

Fight off all of the bad guys in this area and you will see a gate open. Go through that gate and fight off the bad guy. Free the other members of the Furious Five here. On top of the cage holding Viper is a rare coin. Go through the next gate that opens and fight off all of the bad guys in this village. After they are done, you will see some more clouds appear. Go back to the bridge you came from and jump to the platform to the right to free another villager. Jump across those clouds until you reach the next platform. Jump on it and you will see another cloud that will lead you to free monkey.

After you free Monkey, jump across the new clouds in the same area that had just appeared. Climb the platform to the left to free the villager. Afterwards, head back to the platform to the right. Grab control of the fireworks launcher. It works just like the Ballista from the second level. Shoot off all of the bad guys that approach Tigress. Just be careful because the fireworks hurt her too. You can see the front to ropes clearly so get them as they climb up, the rest you have to wait until they climb to the top. After a while, you will get out of the launcher and she will be safe, now you just have to reach her.

Head to the right and fight off the bad guy that comes out of the gate. Fall in the chasm up ahead and climb the cliff opposite of you. Climb up once more to free two villagers up here. Look around and you will see a rare coin above the

platform you just came from. Jump off this higher platform to grab it. Go to the clouds and jump across them to reach Tigress. Cross the bridge on the left and jump on the roof of the house on the right for a rare coin. Free the prisoner and go back to the other bridge. Cross it to free another prisoner. Now just fight off all of the bad guys until you complete this level.


Level 9 - Howling Moon 

This level will begin by having you swing across a couple of branches. Every now and then, you will have to balance along a log to the next platform. When you finally get past all of the platforms and hit the ground, fight off the bad guys and free four villagers down here. You will enter a cutscene with bad guys chopping down a tree that will act as a bridge. Fight them off and then cross the downed tree while balancing on it. Jump on the platform to the left at the end of this tree. Swing across some more branches until you reach the sleeping enemy. Master Shifu will give you a useful tip that you could sneak up behind sleeping enemies with the joy stick. If you only push it forward a little, you will walk quietly and can sneak up to sleeping guards. While they are sleeping, they are very weak and will be gone with just a punch or two.

Fall down and free two prisoners. Attack the tree by the river to knock it over and then cross it. Attack the two sleeping guards here and free the rest of the prisoners. Climb the platform and move along these branches to reach a downed tree, cross it for a rare coin. Fall off that platform with the rare coin and another one will be right next to the base of a tree. Go back to where that downed tree was and swing across the last branch to reach the platforms at the edge of the cliff. Climb up a few platforms and balance across the downed tree. Climb up a ladder and jump over a gap to another ladder. Climb that ladder to enter a cutscene which will begin the battle with the Wu Sisters.

This boss battle seems like you're fighting regular enemies that just have a lot more health than usual. You can attack them at any time except for when they are rapidly spinning. Just avoid them when they spin. When they are done spinning they will get dizzy and fall for a few seconds. This is your chance since they will most likely be together when they fall to run in the middle of them and use your Panda Quake ability. Just keep attacking them and when the health bar goes empty, just hit each one once to watch them fall.


Level 10 - Secret of the Sands   

This stage is kind of self-explanitory. You will see the moonstones locked at the top of each tower, however you will also see smaller ramps at the base of each tower. Do a Panda Roll up the smaller ramps and then roll down them. You will pick up speed to make it to the top of the high ramps. Do this for all of the towers to reach the top. Just break the chain holding the moonstones in place. Also note that in between two of the towers is two dips that you can roll in. In the middle of the dips you will stop rolling and see a ramp facing the center of this area. Roll down here and jump at the end for a rare coin. After all of the moonstones are released you will enter a cutscene where Po will encounter Tai Lung for the first time. Don't worry, you won't have to fight him, yet.   

Tai Lung will push you down a ramp and you will roll into the hole that you have just discovered. In this whole is several enemies. There's plenty of food around the ring since it might get a little overwhelming. Fight off the enemies and you will see explosives bags appear in this ring. Throw them at the locks over the doors to slam them shut. After you shut all eight doors, finish off the enemies that came out of them. Two more large and tough enemies will jump into this ring and try to stop you. They are a lot stronger than the others so be careful. They will however come one at a time to make things a little easier. After you finish those two off, you will enter another cutscene and complete this level.


Level 11 - The Palace   

Run towards Tai Lung and you will see some wolves come up behind him and start destroying the artifacts. You have to stop these wolves before they destroy the artifacts. Fight off the first few at the front door. After they are all down, a few more will break in through the back wall. Fight those wolves off and when they are gone, more will break in through the ceiling. Fight them off and then larger wolves will appear. They are stronger and tougher so be a little more careful with these. After you fight them off, more will appear at the front of the palace. After those waves, they will just keep randomly spawning. The best thing to do is to just keep circling the palace and fighting off all of the bad guys that you come across. After you fight enough off, you will have to take on Tai Lung himself.   

He will smash through the floor above you and stand on a pile of debris. Just run around like the Juggernaut boss battle to avoid his attacks. All he will do is throw rocks at you. You can jump over the rocks. Sometimes he will throw twice as many, when he does, just block while you're in the air. After a few throws, he will throw a beam at you in which you have a quick time event. There are only two commands where you have to flick your Wiimote in a certain direction. Do that a couple of times and Tai Lung will flee to floor above you and make another hole you can climb up, so climb up it to reach the second floor of the palace.

Avoid the holes and fight off the minions up here. After you fight them off, Tai Lung will go back to his usual attacks of throwing rocks at you. He will have one new attack where he throws on large rock at you but it's really easy to avoid. After a while, he will throw another pillar at you and you have to do the quick time event again to hit him. After each time event, more enemies will spawn. After three pillars, he will smash his way to the next floor and a pillar will fall which you can use as a bridge to reach the new hole to go upstairs. Cross the pillar quickly or it will fall down below.

Jump across the platforms after the next cutscene of Tai Lung. You will see two beams with coins on them. Run across them quickly because they will fall apart under you. Keep jumping across a few platforms for another quick time event. This one is much longer so pay attention. Just note that as Master Shifu is running across the pillar towards Tai Lung, you have to shake the Wiimote rapidly, not just once. Keep doing it until you get the next command. After you finish that time event, you will finish the level.


Level 12 - The Warrior's Destiny (Part 1) 

Start off by fighting the wolves that attacked your father. Fight off the rest of the bad guys in the immediate area. The ones on the balcony will fall if you hit the balcony they stand on. After they are all done, free the two villagers that are in cages. The barrels here are filled with water which will allow you to extinguish fires. Just extinguish the big fires on the ground. To the left of the gate is a fire you need to extinguish for a rare coin and to free another villager. Go back and to the right of the gate there is a house. To the right of that house is a yard that is blocked by fire, extinguish that fire and free the prisoner.   

Run towards the gate when you are done clearing this area and you will encounter the boss if you can consider him that. I'll categorize him as a boss since he has a health bar on the bottom of the screen. He has no special powers and is just a really strong bad guy to be honest. Just block his attacks and keep throwing your own attacks at him while you block. After a while he will drop and you can advance past the gate he came from. Free the villagers in this area and extinguish what should be the last of the eight fires you need. Run to the gate opposite of the one you came in through.

As you approach the gate, you will see a quick cutscene of the statue to the right of it moving. Run over to it and interact with it pressing the - Button. Shake your Wiimote a few times to push it over and it will smash through the gate, roll down the stairs, and sink a ship that is firing bombs at the village. Hop in the ballista and destroy the wolves in the river to complete this level.


Level 13 - The Warrior's Destiny (Part 2) 

Run to the left and climb the towers. Jump across the roof tops of these towers and beat up the two archers on them. Keep jumping across the towers and you will enter a building. Fight the bad guy here and jump across to the roof of the next building. The Monkey will make a quick bridge and more bad guys will appear, fight them off. Jump to the balcony on the taller building next to this one, you will see a statue of a man with a white beard, jump to that one. Fight off the bad guys here after you make another bridge.

Go to the back right corner of this balcony and jump onto the next roof. Monkey will make another bridge. Fight the archer that will be shooting from this roof. Jump on the next highest rooftop for another bridge. Look to the left and you will see an archer and a rare coin. Jump to that roof and grab the coin while fighting the archer. Backtrack to the last bridge you just made. Jump to the next building you can reach and you will enter a cutscene.

Now you will regain control of Po. Climb into the building in front of you by using the tower next to it. Fight the two bad guys in here and cross the bridge. Now you are in the same path that Monkey made for you, just cross the bridges and follow the path you already went through while fighting all of the bad guys in your way. There is nothing too serious up here in terms of bad guys. Once you meet up with Monkey, you will help him fight off some more waves of bad guys. After a few waves, the boss will appear.

This boss is just like the mini boss in the previous stage. He doesn't do anything special, just block his attacks and attack in between. The one good difference is that Monkey is here to help you out. You and Monkey should be doing a lot of damage to him so he will fall pretty quickly. Right before his health hits zero, you will enter a Quick Time Event. Just quickly wave the Wiimote in the direction the game tells you to a few times until you defeat the Main Enemy for a pretty cool cutscene.


Level 14 - The Final Battle 

Roll down the center of the stairs. Grab the rare coin near the bottom. Block most of his attacks and attack him in between his attacks. There's really no tips for this boss, I just blocked most of the time and threw a few punches when I had the chance. After a while, he will tackle you and you will roll even further. Fight off the minions in the restaurant and when they pile up on you, shake the Wiimote up and down to free yourself. Now you will fight Tai Lung again.

The second part of the fight is a bit more simple. You can use the panda stumble since it's a pretty tight fighting area. Just keep bouncing off the walls and into Tai Lung a few times. After a while, he will run away again. Fight off all of the minions in this room. Try to grab as much food in this room as possible, you need all the health you can get in this fight. The last rare coin is in this yard. Go to the grassy areas with the large stones from where you came from and it is behind the stones. After you fight off these minions, you will get another cutscene. Fight off some more minions until Tai Lung comes back out.

The center ring will keep respawning food and chi if you run out so try to stick to the center. Keep attacking him as best as you can and go to the center if you need to. He will usually run to the corners and taunt you. This is a good time to stumble right into him as he is an easy target. You will eventually see another cutscene. Keep fighting as usual until you reach the final cut scene. You will have a Quick Time Event where you have to shake your Wiimote in certain directions to defeat him. After Po uses the WuXi finger hold, keep shaking your Wiimote upwards to finish him off.

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