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A Worthy Foe
Level - Po's Dream
This boss battle is incredibly simple, as it should be for the first level of a children's game. A staff should spawn in the corner of this room that you could use. So pick that up and go to attack the boss. After your attacks, he will counterattack so just quickly block using the Z button. There isn't much more to this boss so keep attacking him until you defeat him.
The Juggernaut
Level - Tournament of the Dragon Warrior
This boss battle is quite fun. Run around and avoid its attacks. If you go behind it, it will swing its tail so avoid that. After a while he will stop, hit the target that pops out of his chest. Now you have to look at which way the game tells you to flick your Wiimote. Flick it in that direction a couple of times to climb the Juggernaut and smash its head. Just do that three times
until you defeat the Juggernaut.
Blackhoof Boar Clan Chief
Level - Protect the Palace
This boss battle is basically like the first. He's slow so you have plenty of time to block his attacks. In between his attacks, you should throw some strong attacks at him. There's plenty of food and also a staff lying around to help you in this boss battle.
Great Gorilla
Level - Wudang Temple
The Great Gorilla will have minions if you don't pay attention, start off by turning to the right and breaking the climbing rigs. Fight off his minions before you focus on the Great Gorilla. Start to run around and avoid his attacks. Keep a safe distance and grab the explosive balls when you can. Just throw them at him a couple of times until he falls. It helps to upgrade your throwing skill for the added distance if you have extra coins.
Wu Sisters
Level - Howling Moon
This boss battle seems like you're fighting regular enemies that just have a lot more health than usual. You can attack them at any time except for when they are rapidly spinning. Just avoid them when they spin. When they are done spinning they will get dizzy and fall for a few seconds. This is your chance since they will most likely be together when they fall to run in the middle of
them and use your Panda Quake ability. Just keep attacking them and when the health bar goes empty, just hit each one once to watch them fall.
Tai Lung
Level - The Palace
This fight is pretty simple. Run around and avoid the rocks he shoots at you. After a while he will throw a beam at you. You have a quick time event to hit it back at him. Do this a few times until he flees. Follow him upstairs where he will do the same thing. Just fight off the minions first. After he flees again, run across the pillars because they collapse under you. Keep moving closer to him and when you reach him, you will enter another Quick Time Event
to defeat him.
The Big Guy
Level - The Warrior's Destiny (Part 1)
This boss is really simple. He has no special powers and doesn't even have a name. He busts through the gate and yells at you before fighting. Just block his attacks which are easy to block since he's slow. In between his attacks, just keep fighting back until he falls.
Main Enemy
Level - The Warrior's Destiny (Part 2)
This boss is just like the previous. Block his slow attacks and attack him in between his attacks. You actually get Master Monkey helping you out so it's a lot easier than before. You could just run around and block his attacks while Monkey fights him off but that isn't very fun. Before his health hits zero, you will enter a Quick Time Event. Just swing your Wiimote in the direction the game shows you to finish him off.
Tai Lung
Level - The Final Battle
Roll down the center of the stairs. Grab the rare coin near the bottom. Block most of his attacks and attack him in between his attacks. There's really no tips for this boss, I just blocked most of the time and threw a few punches when I had the chance. After a while, he will tackle you and you will roll even further. Fight off the minions in the restaurant and when they pile up on you, shake the Wiimote up and down to free yourself. Now you will fight Tai Lung again.
The second part of the fight is a bit more simple. You can use the panda stumble since it's a pretty tight fighting area. Just keep bouncing off the walls and into Tai Lung a few times. After a while, he will run away again. Fight off all of the minions in this room. Try to grab as much food in this room as possible, you need all the health you can get in this fight. After you fight off these minions, you will get another cutscene. Fight off some more minions until Tai Lung comes back out.
The center ring will keep respawning food and chi if you run out so try to stick to the center. Keep attacking him as best as you can and go to the center if you need to. He will usually run to the corners and taunt you. This is a good time to stumble right into him as he is an easy target. You will eventually see another cutscene. Keep fighting as usual until you reach the final cut scene. You will have a Quick Time Event where you have to shake your Wiimote in certain directions to defeat him. After Po uses the WuXi finger hold, keep shaking your Wiimote upwards to finish him off.

This FAQ/Walkthrough is copyrighted © 2008 to Frank Grochowski.

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