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Alone In The Dark (2008): Walkthrough (X360) - Episodes 5-8

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Episode 5 - Not Alone Anymore                             

Sequence 1: Bring Her Back

Grab the axe and swing it under her to drop her down. Now you need to revive her. To perform CPR, watch the heartrate line and you need to time the button presses with then a beat goes by. Do this 8 times to do mouth to mouth, which is just holding the button down. Repeat once more and she'll be back.

There are a few items in the cupboards, but you can't dally around for too long because there is a pretty much endless stream of ratz in the main room. You can go out and shoot some nests, but there are more that you can't hit  from here. From where you came out of the snack room, go over the web of red stuff and look up to the left to see a wire. Shoot the two things holding it up and then shoot off the ratz. Climb up and pop the nest up here. Shouldn't have to worry about any critters attacking, but be on alert just in case.

You'll see some wooden boards from where the nest was, so blow some fire onto it and then just wait for the fires to die out and clear a path. Go through and follow the path down some stairs where you see some sacks. Just burn them by tossing a bottle. If you want, you can move the rock in the hall to open the  door and go get supplies if you need them.

 Sequence 2: Museum's Visitors

When you go around the corner you see a body on the lasers. Those lasers need  to hit their points on the wall in order for the door to open. You should move the body and quickly try to run through or else the ratz could get in the way. If they do, pull the body back and hope they go after it. If not, then you'll have to kill the ones on the lasers and jump through the door.

Go down the hall and you see a ton of ratz and some nests in a room. Go left and into the kitchen and grab materials to make a molotov (either a tissue  or bandage and some kind of explosive) as there are plenty of the items you need all over. Combine the cloth and bottle to make the molotov and equip it and the lighter. From the kitchen door, go forward to the cracked wall and look up to see the opening. You need to light the molotov, then toss it through the opening, and then just wait for the door on the left to open up.

*NOTE: You can set bodies and those seem to distract the critters for a while.*

Run through and you'll hit another door that shows another puzzle. You can go back to the kitchen to grab more molotov materials and the double-sided tape  in the locker. Come back to the door and kill any ratz that are not using the vent; there should be just one that uses the vent to go back and forth. Now  make a molotov and also put some tape on it. You need to hold both in hand and wait for the rat to just come to the blood puddle, maybe light the molotov just before he arrives, and then tag him as he shows up. If you were just  early enough in lighting the thing, when he goes back he will burn the nest and open the path.

*NOTE: Before you go through, make sure you have as many sprays as possible, then fill the rest out with explosive bottles.*

Go through and you will hit one frustrating section, especially if you're low on health and low on flammable items. There are two demons waiting for you, but so long as you stay back you can pop them from afar. Just use fire bullets and if you can close your eyes to see their fissures, that helps. Shoot them and when you come out there will be four more enemies dropped into the area.

You need to quickly run to the right and there is one bottle at the doorway  and hopefully there is another on the shelf (it could be there, and then it may not); don't worry about the medical box in here, it just has bandages.  Now run out and you can choose to either toss the bottles and blow them up, or maybe use some sprays you have, or whatever, just take out these four  enemies as quickly as you can. There is a fire source at the other end of the room, as well as a sword and some ammo, but if you have no items on you, you'll have to use that fire and the chair and hurl it at your enemies (toss with the shoot button, maybe).

So once you kill the enemies, aside from the weapons and ammo, there is nothing else to grab on this level. When you go upstairs, be ready for three more  big enemies. One is at the top of the steps and the others are down the side walkways. If you have bottles or a flamethrower, good. If not, you'll have to  go around the upper walkway to the left to hit the fire source up here. There  are two more chairs up here you can use to burn and then toss, but the big  guys move strangely around; they could jump right to you, but if you stay in the corner of the fire, they seem to glitch up and just jump around. So you'll have to run out of that corner to lure them out. But again, if you have items, use those.

Once all seven enemies are dead, go to the left side of the stairs to meet the  guard calling to you. He eventually opens the gate and you may pass. Go down the stairs with your flashlight ready. Follow the path to a laser grid which goes away if you get close. There is more of that goo in this hallway, but  now you have some lights to help you out. The idea is the same as last time, hold the light to keep the goo at bay, but this time there will be goo behind you.

For this first light, get in the corner and then look down the hall. Hold the  goo back and then wait for the moving light to get close and get in it to the other side. Jump on the pedestal just in case. Again, hold the light back with your light, then run to the standing light. Hold the goo back and run to the  next light. From here just clear the goo to the doorway and then jump.

Go to the panel on the left and try to use it. Turn around and head back the  way you came, but thankfully a guard will show up in a cutscene to let you through. After that, go in, open the elevator, get in and try to go down. You'll get stuck, so get out and then head back to where you came in.

 Sequence 3: The Huge One

Okay, a boss battle with some challenge, especially since you probably have no health sprays and there are none in this arena. As soon as the battle starts  you need to quickly run to the left, behind the pillar, and hopefully he  doesn't get you.

Now, stay here until he is down throwing his daggers, which you can either  barely peek around the pillar or just wait for the impacts to stop. If you already have fire bullets in the gun, great; if you can make some, even better; if you have none and no way to make any, sucks for you. There are fire bottles in the corners of this room. From where you you are you'll have to run to the  corner on this side, and there is only one bottle. You'll have to run in between the daggers to be safe.

Here is a map of the arena from where you start. The (*) are the bottles  sources. I am not sure if there are 3 at the bottom one, but I got two from  there and then there was another after. There is even ammo around the two  opposite corner sources.

 Once you have fire bullets, wait for his daggers to stop and then pop out and  shoot at the three flame spots on his upper body. Now retreat to behind a  pillar, within the lines of white light as this means you'll be safe. You stay here until he get close and then he will crush the pillar, so when you are no longer protecting your head, just run to a pillar.

Now you need to toss explosive bottles at him in between dagger flurries. You will toss when he is charging up, and make sure your tosses don't fall short.  After each hit retreat to a pillar and run when he is close. Then make your  way to more bottles if you need them. Connect three hits, avoid getting hit  too much yourself, and it should be a little easy to take him down. Again, just make sure each toss makes it to him; even run toward him to close  distance if too far away.

 Sequence 4: One Step From the Truth 

If you need more bottles, feel free to check the spots for more. Then go to the panel on the opposite side and test it out. No good, but of course the "key" is sitting right behind you. First, shoot down the sword to the left of the door, then go over to the right side of the dead guard. Hold the sword  over your head and then drop it down. If the arm is cut, pick it up and take it to the panel.

Drop it, if you would, and go through the next door to finally hit some more items. You got a health spray in the med kit and more items in the locker. After you stock up and heal, head down the hall to hit an elevator. Open the  lift and then shoot the thing holding the wire. Now go down the rope to the  bottom, then go into first person and press the holster button to whip out the gun. Shoot the lock and then jump through (reload button, maybe).

You can go right for an axe. Go left and at the very end you'll run into two big demons by the door. DO NOT SHOOT THE GAS TANK NEAR THEM!!! You need that  to open the door because I believe you are stuck if you have no explosives. So just make some fire bullets and use them to take out the demons, or use one of the many tools to kill them. After they are gone, pick up the tank and set it  in front of the door. Stand back and shoot it to open the path.

Go in and down the ladder and approach the door for a scene.

                       Episode 6 - The Truth                     

Sequence 1: Room 943 

It starts as a scene, then it becomes a sorta investigation. After it's dark, move away from Sarah and then get close to trigger the next part. Now you  light should be flashing, so close your eyes and look at the desk to see a  ghost pointing at a paper on the wall. Look at it. Then the music starts, so close your eyes to see him pointing at the record. Go look. Then turn around and close your eyes again to see the ghost point to something. Look at that  and the mystery is almost complete. Look toward the bathroom and blink again to see him pointing at a bottle. Go look and then the puzzle is solved.

After the scene, blink and look to the metal locker. Open it, stand back, and then look at it until the path is opened. Go in for a scene and some messages. Read them and then exit to see the strange room. Drop an item in the left side of your jacket, tape or bandages, and then grab the lens. Go back to the room, equip both lens and flashlight, and then point the beam at the red symbol on the wall to open the path.

 Sequence 2: An Ancient Path

Just head straight, ignoring the side alcoves that have nothing, and then use any fire source to burn the ratz nests. If you don't have fire bullets, there is a fire source and some wood, but you can't jump across the gap. Even better than using crude tools, go to the left and get in the forklift. Take it down  the ramp and use the lift to push up the bridge. Now you can cross that bridge to burn the nests, and then use the forklift to crush the little beasts.

No more enemies, so just get in the vehicle and drive it down the hallway and into the next area. There are no items, so don't bother looking. Stay in the  lift and drive it to the right of the raised surface. If you look closely,  there is a space under a beam that extends toward the wall. You can lift that beam up and you'll make a ramp, just make sure there is space to get in and out of the lift. Raise the ramp up and then get out. If you don't have fire, grab one of the wooden objects down the room and bring them near the fire. When you pull the switch by the torch, be ready for one demon. Now get in the lift, drive up the ramp, and move the containers out of the way.

There is a locker to the left that you want to raid, but there is also a spray can over the fence on the right. It takes way more effort than it's worth, but you'll need to stack these containers (which I will call crates) so that you can get over the fence. Just knock down one crate from a stack of two, place it in the middle of the fence, and then take one of the two stacks and place it on the left side of the fence. Use the crates to jump over and get the can. Now to get back you have to use the locker things on the right and then jump to the one to the left and then hop over.

Go into the next room for a message, then make some fire bullets and shoot the two nests, one above you and one across the way. Some of the ratz may not pose a threat to you, but you can shoot them all if you want.

Now the puzzle is to stack up the crates so you can get to the upper walkway. Simply grab a two stack and carry it not as far to the left as you can take it, which is by the ladder, but a little bit short. Then take a single and set it next to the stack. Jump on them, look to the platform above and jump to it. Flip the switch and then jump down. Drive over the raise platform and then get out to flip the switch by the door on the right. Of course it doesn't just open all the way, so just use the forklift to raise it up.

Get out and head down the long tunnel. Use the lift at the end to go up, then through another switch to breathe the fresh air.

 Sequence 3: Light From the Sky

All you can do is go forward to trigger a scene. Now comes another one of those trial and error spots. Do not go into first person, it doesn't help. Just stay in the beam and run when you are falling behind. You have a little bit of  room to get in the black goo, but you can't be in too long. The best advice I can give you is to stay in the front of the light, and when the beam is toward the wall be ready to turn. It's just two trips around the pit until the scene.

That's it, pretty short episode.

                               Episode 7 - The Path of Light                             

Sequence 1: Hang On!

Start climbing and stuff will fall. The bigger pieces you don't need to  worry about, but when a single rock falls down the middle, move to the side to  avoid being hit. All you can do is keep going up as the chopper slowly starts to fall over. You'll need to regain your balance many times if you are hit, and when a beam falls try to jump away to avoid it. When the chopper is just about over, the gas lines will burn, so avoid those. Soon after you'll be  forced to climb on the left side, and you need to get even with the train car and then jump over before the chopper falls; you have a few tries, but you  don't have forever.

When you make it to the train, hop in the hole and then head up, but the train falls over. There is a rope when you drop, so get on and climb yet again. You need to be in first person and you need your gun unholstered as you climb. When you see ratz, shoot them down quickly; if they get you you need to regain your balance quickly, then worry about blinking, but you will most likely have to start from the bottom. Just be sure to hit them as they appear. You'll need to hit two waves as you get up, then one more wave when you reach the top, but when you see a ton of ratz all over, the train will fall and you'll be safe from them.

 Sequence 2: Subway Station

Keep climbing and then head to the front of the train. You see some normal people in a train car, but you need to worry about the ton of demons coming after you.

There are just four, then another group of four, and then a big one; also there are ratz all over (no nests, so if you have the fire bullets to spare, shoot them). What you want to do is run forward and the enemies appear, but ignore them and run to the right of the stairs and into the bathroom. Head into the  utility room and stock up on plenty of items. You can use sprays on the first two waves of enemies, but you should use a bottle as an explosive on the last big guy. If you need health, jump through the open vent and follow it to the  other side, use the pipe to open this vent and hop down for another utility  room of health items. This room is on the other side of the stairs, and just to be clear, you don't need to come here unless you really need health.

Now that you have items to fight with, come out and use the flamethrower to  kill the first few waves of demons. Use fire bullets on the ratz that are  around whichever end you are, but you should probably be in the area in front of the stairs as the enemies spawn down the tracks. Spray or fire bullet the  lesser demons, and once they are gone keep an eye down the tracks for the  appearance of the big guy. Remember, he throws daggers, so hide behind cover, wait for him to get close, or approach when he doesn't realize you are there, and toss a bottle and shoot it to burn him up.

*NOTE: You also get a message when you go into the bathroom, so you can  either read it when you get it or later.*

After the fight, refill in the two bathrooms and heal up, killing any ratz. Then come to the train and lady will let you in. Jump in and follow, but of course it's not that easy. Just wait until the short ride stops. Then go to  the wall, look up and to the left, and then start shooting down the ratz (no need for fire bullets). Then jump to the rope, climb up a bit, jump to the  other one, and climb into the... thing.

 Sequence 3: Reach the Old Castle

Just move along and you will climb your way out and back into the park. Read the two messages and then head for a nearby car (you just climbed out of that bit bat, FYI). You'll need to hotwire it, so touch same colored wires until  there is power.

Now, you can go to the old castle right now, but all that does is give you the message that you need enough Spectral Vision to solve the puzzles. That is all this section is about.

However, let us now go on a hunt for the needed amount of Roots of Evil. You need a 30 Spectral Vision rating, and you can see your total in the GPS, along with a few marked root locations. We will take the ones that are marked on this map. If you need help finding them, refer to the Roots of Evil section of this guide for more. Get 30 SV points and then head to the castle.

 Sequence 4: The Eye of Central Park

When you show up, hopefully you have a spray can and you can burn the fissure that attacks; there are a lot of bottles to the north and west of the castle, on the steps.

Now, you need to find six symbols and shine your light on them. First go into the castle by breaking or burning the door. Remember, close your eyes to see them, and then equip the lens and flashlight combo (the flashlight needs to be on). You need to shine the light on the symbols at the same size, then hold it for long enough for the scene to trigger and put the symbol on a floor. Also, you need to close your eyes for long enough for the symbol to stay on the wall for a while.

1. A painting is behind the counter. Knock it down with a chair and then shine your light.

2. Now come back outside the door, blink, and you should see the symbol at the corner of the building.

3. Another is to the northeast, at the patio thing, on the south side wall, by the fire.

4. At the southwest side of the castle on the outside, there is another.

5. Now head to the south of the castle and take some steps to the side of the  castle, but two demons pop up so handle them. The symbol is right above where  they appeared.

6. Now go back into the castle, and make sure to have some fire bullets in the gun combine any liquids, keep the full bottles, drop the incomplete ones, and then grab as many bottles from the area and in the locker inside the building; don't forget to stock up on the other items around the counter. Look into the  room and you'll see the black goo. You have glow sticks that you can use, but all you need are two chairs. Light one on fire and toss it to the upper right corner of the room and hopefully it doesn't land anywhere directly in front of the symbol (if it does quickly go in and pick it up and move it to the right of the symbol). Now get the other chair, light it, and carry it to the upper corner and drop to the left of the symbol, more along the middle of the wall and not directly in the corner. Hold your eyes close to light up the symbol,  stand back a bit from the wall, and then light it up. After that, jump on the  counter to be safe.

*NOTE: The cable is reachable from outside the castle if you come around to the east side and from the north jump to it. Just in case you fall.*

From here, head to the window and jump out to the rope; of course only if you got the other 5 symbols. Climb up until you are level with the roof and jump towards it, make sure you are facing the roof. After the call, either burn or blow up the big guy and make sure you burn the body quickly; there is an axe inside if you really need it. After that, go in, pick up the fire extinguisher, put out the fire, and then go up the stairs. Two messages to read, then on the lift. Get on the telescope thing, look to the moon, point put the moon in the circle, and I believe you press the shoot button or just hold it there to end the episode.

*NOTE: There are two moons, but you want the one up high and the one that seems to not be giving off much light.*

                               Episode 8 - The Light Bringer                             

Sequence 1: Evil Roots

Get off the scope and now you may notice there are a ton more roots on the  GPS. You can go to the marker way to the east, but there is little reason to as you can't see nothing. You now need to seek out more roots until your  Spectral Vision is to 75. Again, if you need help, see my Roots of Evil section for more.

*NOTE: I thought it was only 50, but people have suggested it's around 70 or so.*

*NOTE: The only reason to get all 100 SV is if you want the achievement on the  360. Sure, you can have blink and have the enemy fissures stay visible for  much longer, but it's not like you can't see the fissures and it's hard to hit them anyway.*

Once you have 75, head east, way east to reach the Secret Entrance. There is a shield all around it, so close your eyes to see it. In front of the building are items in the path. Use those to make a molotov and toss it over as far as you can. Just wait a bit and hopefully the scene of the root thing burning  will play. Go in, look to the right, close your eyes to reveal the symbol on the wall, and then shine the lens on it. A hole opens in the corner. You can't just fall down. Look to the pole in the middle of this room, shoot the ring holding the rope, and then use the rope to climb down the hole.

When you get to the end of the rope, jump to the left so you fall on the ledge below. Walk into the edge so you grab it and then shimmy to the left and drop onto the ledge. Pick up the rope, jump to get down quicker, and then take the call. Then head all the way down the tunnel to a scene.

 Sequence 2: Find the Key

Take the side path all the way down to the lift. Use the lens to light the  symbol. After the ride, go into the room, pick up the post thing with the  symbol on it, and drop it in front of the beam of light. Go through the open  door and take the rope down.

In the next room you have a nice little puzzle. First, you grab the box with your main button, and you drop the box with your shoot button. Grab the box and take it to the right corner of the room. Leave it on the light, let go, and  then run to the left corner of the room. Get on the platform when it lowers, and then after a while there is a block that will push the box out of the  way and thus the lift will rise up.

Go out and take the rope down, then jump to the right. Get on the next rope, down, next rope, down, drop. Go into the next room.

Now is the grand mega puzzle as I call it. After you pick up the post, a scene will show you the size of the puzzle, then you realize that the fire is  spreading.

Take the post down and hold it onto the beam on the right. Go down and now the next set of spikes is active. Wait for them to retreat and hold the post onto the left beam. Now the last set of spikes is on. Wait for them to go and then go foward, hold the post to the right, and then go through the door.

Take the tunnel to the next puzzle. Get on the square lift and look at the  post. Grab it and you'll see that the ride will cut ropes as it goes along, and this will turn on a swinging blade. For this first one you can just go, but for the rest you need to swing the post to the left to hold the beam and then unhold to move after the blade swings, or right as it's swinging. Then do the same for the double blade, and I hope you know to stop in the middle. There is a bit of a delay, so let the beam go a second before you wish to go, and  then hold is a second before you want to hold it.

Drop it when you get across and then jump to the rope on the other side. Go  down and jump to the ledge. In the tunnel some boards will fall. Pick one up and take it to the opening and light it with the torch. Then take the fire and burn the boards in your way. Go through and into the next room.

Get on the opposite side of the unlit torch and pull it toward the other  pressure pad. Once you get it there, push it back to the first pad, that will stop the walls from moving. Now find a piece of wood. Take the steps behind the torch and light your stick, then swing under the torch to light up the  boards holding it up. Once they are lit, run to the opposite side of the room and stand on the platform. When the torch drops, you will rise and you can get out of here.

Don't run out over the edge. Turn left and jump to the rope. Down the ropes and drop and go into the next room. This puzzle is a maze. You will grab the post, light it, and then go along the path with the post as your torch. But don't overlook the beams. You can use your body and head to hold up a  beam, and even hold the post to the side. What you'll do is follow this map and when not close to a beam you will run so you can get to a beam and then cut it off with the post (walk when holding the post up). And feel free to run down the home stretch.

Key: x - don't go this way + - intersection
I believe that is all right. So drop the post and go across the bridge. In the next room, pick up a torch and light up the wooden column in the middle. Take it down the tunnel and drop it by the wall. Come back to the room and grab a  torch. Take it to the wall down the tunnel to read the riddle. Walk back a few paces and you should see the flame waver a bit. Drop the torch, pick up the  block, and then use the block on the right side of the tunnel to knock it  down.

 Sequence 3: The Final Gate

After the scene, you and your buddy need to get in a car, duh. After the scene, quickly turn right and run to the car down the hill. Once in and after the scene, follow the road, even cut across the grass for a shortcut, but stay on this northern road. Go around the truck, carefully, and when you get to the  next truck you should turn to the left, as the museum is to the south.  When the road starts turning east, you can stay on the road for a little  while, but a spike will cut off the road and force you to go southwest and over the grass (just be careful of tress and anything really).

There are spikes in the open field, so avoid as best you can, no need to go  too fast, and your goal is to get to the road to the south. Get on and then dodge the spikes here. Head west, dodge spikes, go over the ramp that  appears, then be ready to zig zag until you go through the spikes, then the spikes get a bit more random but a little easier, and then another small ramp. When you hit the bend that goes north, look to your left and be ready to take the ramp that goes to the museum.

When on the museum "island," go into the ramp and go until you get to a  walking ramp. Get out and go through the doorway, then turn right and go all the way to the "943" on the wall and then down the ramp. There is ammo in the locker, but if don't need it, and you shouldn't, just shoot the lock holding the garage door down (it's on the floor).

 Sequence 4: Choose For All

Now for a false decision. There is no choice here, you must aim for the left side of Sarah's face and shoot him. After that, follow Hermes to the drill thing. After the door opens, follow right behind him to trigger the next scene. Then put your stone on the table and then just watch until you must grab the stone again.

Now you have a real decision. Either do nothing or shoot. And it's over.

Yeah, game over. How 'bout that? Well, guess all you have to do is go to  episode 8, skip to scene 4, and then play it out the other way. At least  you're given that. No need to play the game twice for the two endings. Both are confusing, soooo... yeaaaah.

I believe Edward is the key to Lucifer manifesting into reality; that is  evident by the 'bad' ending. But when Sarah takes over, that doesn't happen,  but Sarah is possessed like the other demons. I have no clue what is supposed to happen when Edward walks away in the 'good' ending, but if there is a  sequel I assume it will pick up there. Just know that the devil has tricked  Edward into setting him free. Apparently Ed was possessed for the time that he doesn't remember, gets bonked on the head or something, and then wakes up to fall into the trap of being possessed again. So the question is "why didn't the devil do all of what we just did, but 70 years earlier?"

Don't go hardcore on me on this, I'm just trying to help people understand  the game. Refer to the cell phone messages and documents for more.

For further reading, this game is loosely based on some of the "conspiracy theories" and the like about Central Park. I'm not going into them, but feel free to visit wikipedia about Alone in the Dark.


Copyright 2008 Brad Russell

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