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Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA V): Cheat-Mode (GTA Ultimatum Hack 1.34)

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    Grand Theft Auto 5

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    After downloading .zips file rename the file to .zip
    and open it with any compression program


Main Tab Features:
-Full God Mode
-ASM God Mode
-Invisible Player
-Fast Swim
-Never Wanted
-Always Wanted
-Super Jump
-Explosive Melee
-Fire Ammo
-Explosive Ammo
-Damage Modifier: from 0,72 to 10
-Button to refill HP and armor to the max values
-Vehicle Impulse: Aka SET_VEHICLE_FORWARD_SPEED, from -100 to 100 you can press a key and impulse your vehicle. (*)
-Melee Damage: Mostly for funny stuff, when you hit a vehicle it'll fly away depending on what value you have in this option.
-Ped Amount / Density
-Vehicle Amount / Density: Same as Ped Amount.
-Vehicle Deformation: Do you want realistic deformation? Here you are. Only clientside.

Weapons Tab Features:
-Fast Reload
-Super Impulse
-Ultra Penetration: Change the penetration of the bullet to huge value so you can kill more than 1 ped / player with the same bullet.
-No Spread
-No Recoil
-Aiming FOV: This is applied to every weapon and as it's name says you can change the FOV when aiming.
-This Tab also includes a function to give ANY weapons to ANY player, just choose the weapon in the drop down menu, the player and press "Give" button. Also there is a "Give all" button to give all weapons to specified player (if there's no player specified, you'll receive the weapons).

Teleport Tab Features:
-Simple Teleporting: Teleport to any of the places predefined in the hack or add your own teleport in the YAML file.
-Teleport to any player
-Teleport to waypoint

ESP Tab Features:
-Enable / Disable ESP
-3D Boxes
-Show Peds: This shows animals too.
-Show Players
-ESP Max Distance

Customization Tab Features: Here can edit the keys of the following features
-Vehicle Impulse Key
-Vehicle Instant Stop Key
-Menu Key
-Kill All Peds
-Customizable Menu Color

The archive has 2 cheat-mods for stim and Social Club
Select the desired version of the hack
And copy all the files to the folder with the game

To activate press "END", which is under the "HOME".
F8 to close the hack.
When you press the HOME press F4 to open the hack menu

Game files - Grand Theft Auto 5

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