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Enter the Gungeon: Description of sanctuaries

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- Ammo Sanctuary – replenishes ammunition but causes Curse (1)

- Angel Sanctuary - one slot increases the damage of lives, but it can also cause a Curse (2)

- Dummy Sanctuary - materializes Chest after the explosion of dummy (3)

- Sanctuary of the trials -  the player facing it will have to beat off  three waves of enemies; the reward for winner is the  Chest (4)

- Dice Sanctuary - gives randomly two effects – positive and negative (5)

- World-Sanctuary - heals the player in exchange for weapons, which he holds in his hands (6)

- Sanctuary Y.V. (A reference to the Nuclear Throne game) – in exchange for 10 credits gives additional quick shots that do not consume ammunition. Each use costs 10 credits more and increases the effect (7)

- Cleansing Sanctuary - removes Curses

- Sanctuary of the deal with the devil - in exchange for the lives of one slot replenishes ammunition and increases the damage.

Enter the Gungeon: Description of sanctuaries

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