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The Forest: Trainer +18 v0.73 {}

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    The Forest

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Unlock more trainer options including updates from here - The Forest Trainer


Activating this trainer:
Press F1 at main menu.
Listen for 'Trainer Activated'.
Press desired hotkey. All hotkeys can be changed on the trainer.

Trainer Options:
NumPad1: God Mode (Health / Thirst / Hunger / Energy)
NumPad2: Infinite Energy Only
NumPad3: Easy Build
NumPad4: Advance A Day
NumPad5: Add All Non-Story Items
NumPad6: Add All Story Items
NumPad7: Stealth Mode
NumPad8: Unlimited Items
NumPad9: Unlimited Logs
NumPad0: Set Time Scale To
NumPad/: Super Light
NumPad*: Force Rain
NumPad-: Force Sunny
NumPad+: All Gardens Planted
NumPad.: Infinite Fire Fuel
Page UP: Easy Cooking
Page Down: Infinite Water
Insert: Super Speed

You MUST activate the trainer at MAIN MENU. If you activated the trainer ingame instead, go back to main menu and load your savegame.

God Mode (Health / Thirst / Hunger / Energy): While active you have infinite health, energy also no hunger or thirst.

Infinite Energy Only: While active you have infinite energy.

Easy Build: While active you have unlimited building resources. Just keep holding 'E' key to finish the building.

Advance A Day: Press hotkey to jump either to night or day depending on the current ingame time. Jumping to night will be instant, jumping to day takes a bit for the sun to appear.

Add All Non-Story Items: First PAUSE the game and alt tab out (to prevent crashes) then press hotkey to add all non-story items.

Add All Story Items: First PAUSE the game and alt tab out (to prevent crashes) then press hotkey to add all story items

Stealth Mode: While active enemies can't see you.

Unlimited Items: While active you have unlimited items.

Unlimited Logs: While active you have unlimited logs (light version of easy build cheat).

Set Time Scale To: Press hotkey to set time scale. Be careful if you set it too high the game may starts to lag.
To reset set the value to 1. You can change the value on the trainer GUI.

Super Light: While active all light sources (Lighter / Torch / Flashlight) gives you a super light making cave exploration very comfortable.

Force Rain / Sunny: Press hotkey to force weather to be rainy or sunny. It will take several seconds before
the weather starts to change.

All Gardens Planted: Press hotkey to plant all gardens.

Infinite Fire Fuel: While active your (camp) fire never extinguish.

Easy Cooking: While active things are cooked instantly but also take much more time to overcook.

Infinite Water: While active you can take out water from any water source like a rain collector as much as you want.

The Forest: Trainer +18 v0.73 {}

Game files - The Forest

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