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XCOM 2 GAME MOD Stop Wasting My Time v.1.1.0

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Stop Wasting My Time is a mod for XCOM 2, created by BlueRaja.


Speeds up the game by removing pointless pauses and other time-wasters.

All changes are purely cosmetic.

Combat changes:

Removed 1-3 sec pause after shooting, throwing grenades, abilities, etc.

Removed 1 sec pause after getting a kill

Removed 2.75 sec pause after going into cover

New! Reduced pauses from reanimating corpses and unburrowing chryssalids by 80%

New! Removed unskippable Bradford voiceovers:

1, 3, and 6 turns remaining warnings

Civilians dying warning

Increased unit movement speed by ~10% (Lowered by popular demand - can be reduced back to normal under Options --> Gameplay --> Unit Movement Speed)

Removed slowdown of non-attacked enemies during overwatch slow-mo

Non-combat changes:

Increased the speed of the Avenger on the global map

Reduced the fade-in time of the horrendously slow color picker

To install:

Use Nexus Mod Manager or extract the archive into “…Steam\steamapps\common\XCOM 2\XComGame\Mods”

XCOM 2 GAME MOD Stop Wasting My Time v.1.1.0

Game files - XCOM 2

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