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Total War ~ Attila: Modmanager v2.0 + 19 Cheat-modes

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    After downloading .zips file rename it to .zip and open it with any compression program


Modmanager unzip to any place. On the first run may need to specify the location of the game. We expose a tick on modifications and run game from him. 


1. Client state loves you - client state will love you and not try to strike back at the most inopportune moment

2. Simplified change of religion - it makes it possible to change the religion already at 10% instead of 30% believers.

3. Doubled growth in settlements - doubling all aspects of the growth of any building, skills.

4. Powerful religious buildings - it increases all aspects of religion twice.

5. Twice the march - you can move to 100% instead of 25% more.

6. Weakened by the Huns.

7. Strong Huns.

8. Super cheat modes - there are no problems with sanitation, Endless food, All units worth 1 gold, Quick Study, Increased the maximum number of armies and much more.

9. Rapid recruitment of troops - it allows you to hire 80 units for 1 turn.

10. Change of religion at 1% believers

11. Increasing fertility due to channels, aqueducts, cloaca.

12. Sebidee's Christianity Buff - it increases the usefulness of Christian buildings.

13. Max Ravenclaw's 1 Turn Treaties - reduction of time for breach of contract.

14. Legacy Techs Enabled - Disable technology obsolescence.

15. Unlimited Governors - Governors number increased to 100.

16. The increase in income + 2000.

17. Disables the diplomatic effect of "Great Power", which worsens relations with states.

18. Barricades three times stronger.

19. Rebalancing public order.


1. Set to the folder data

2. Activate in mod manager.

Total War ~ Attila: Modmanager v2.0 + 19 Cheat-modes

Game files - Total War: Attila

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