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Tom Clancy's The Division: Cheat-Mode (Extropy 2.4) [1.5]

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    Tom Clancy's The Division

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- Silent Aim
- Target Players
- Aim Angle Adjustment (max 180)
- Bone Delay
- Bone Selection
- Aim Key 1: Targets Only NPCs
- Aim Key 2: Targets NPCs and Players
- Box ESP
- Name ESP
- Weapon ESP
- List ESP
- Skeleton ESP
- Show Direction
- Show Vendors
- Show Civilians
- Show Friendlies
- Show Division Tech
- Division Tech Distance
- Colour Adjustment
- Anti-Death
- Bullet Mod
- Enemy OPK
- No Clip (bound to Mouse Forward (replaced tele to crosshair bind))
- No Clip Speed Adjustment
- No Recoil
- No Reload
- No Spread
- Movement Speed Adjustment
- OPK Distance adjustment
- Teleport to Crosshair World Position (Bound to Up key)

- Gamepad Support
- Custom Teleportation Lists (saved to individual .yaml files)
- Friends List (saved to .yaml file)
- All Keys Bindable

Some option explanations:

Process selection:
    Existing - select existing process from the list
    New - new process will be launched before injection
    Manual launch - after pressing 'Inject' button, injector will wait for target process startup
    List of images you want inject
    Add - add new image to the list. Drag'n'drop is also supported
    Remove - remove selected image
    Clear - clear image list
Advanced options:

    Injection type:
        Native inject - common approach using LoadLibraryW \ LdrLoadDll in newly created or existing thread
        Manual map - manual copying image data into target process memory without creating section object
        Kernel(New thread) - kernel mode ZwCreateThreadEx into LdrLoadDll. Uses driver
        Kernel(APC) - kernel mode APC into LdrLoadDll. Uses driver
        Kernel(Manual map) - kernel manual mapping. Uses driver
    Native Loader options:
        Unlink module - after injection, unlink module from InLoadOrderModuleList, InMemoryOrderModuleList, InInitializationOrderModuleList, HashLinks and LdrpModuleBaseAddressIndex.
        Erase PE - after injection, erase PE headers 
        Use existing thread - LoadLibrary and init routine will be executed in the context of random non-suspended thread.
    Manual map options:
        Add loader reference - Insert module record into InMemoryOrderModuleList/LdrpModuleBaseAddressIndex and HashLinks. Used to make module functions (e.g. GetModuleHandle, GetProcAddress) work with manually mapped image.
        Manually resolve imports - Image import and delayed import dlls will be also manually mapped instead of being loaded using LdrLoadDll.
        Wipe headers - Erase module header information after injection. Also affects manually mapped imports.
        Ignore TLS - Don't process image static TLS data and call TLS callbacks.
        No exception support - Don't create custom exception handlers that enable out-of-image exception support under DEP.
        Conceal memory - Make image memory visible as PAGE_NO_ACESS to memory query functions
    Command Line:
        Process command line arguments

    Init routine:
        If you are injecting native (not pure IL) image, this is name of exported function that will be called after injection is done. This export is called as void ( __stdcall* )(wchar_t*) function.
        If you are injecting pure managed image, this is name of public method that will be executed using ICLRRuntimeHost::ExecuteInDefaultAppDomain.

    Init argument:
        String that is passed into init routine
    Close after injection:
        Close injector after successful injection
    Inject delay:
        Delay before injection start
    Inject interval:
        Delay between each image
    Escalate handle access:
        Bypass handle acess filters. Driver is required
 Menu options:
    Profiles->Load - load injection profile
    Profiles->Save - save current settings into profile
    Tools->Eject modules - open module ejection dialog
    Tools->Protect self - make injector process protected (driver required)
Command line options:
    --load <profile_path> - start injector and load target profile specified by <profile_path>
    --run <profile_path> - immediately  execute profile specified by <profile_path> without GUI
Kernel injection methods require system running in Test mode.

Tom Clancy's The Division: Cheat-Mode (Extropy 2.4) [1.5]

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