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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain: Cheat Codes

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Quiet Boss fight Trick

Quiet is a sniper and she will always be stationary waiting for a chance to get a hit on you. That being said, it's possible to order a supply drop on her position to stun her. After a few seconds she'll change her position. Ordering a supply drop on her new position for a second time will stun her completely and you'll have defeated her in 2 hits. This is also effective in completing all mission tasks for this mission *This doesn't work in the Extreme Version of the boss fight*




Deja Vu Mission

Collect all 9 XOF patches in the Ground Zeroes mission


How to Unlock

Deja Vu Mission

Collect all 9 XOF patches.


Unlockable MGS1 Skin's

During the Deja Vu mission, you can unlock two different skins for use in the Deja Vu mission.


How to Unlock

Classic Gray Fox skin

Reenact all scenes, on hard, and correctly answer all quiz questions after the credits.

Classic Snake skin

Reenact all scenes, on normal, and correctly answer all of the quiz questions after the credits.


Zone of The Enders music tape.

Unlock a remix track from Zone of the Enders: The Second Runner. For use in the music player.


How to Unlock

Second Runner Tape.

Complete all missions on Hard difficulty.



Moai Statues

These are the locations for the 5 Moai Statues in the Intel Operative Rescue side opp. The first one is on top the tower after the first five enemies and the choppers circles around to the warehouse area. Second one is in chico's cell. Third one is in the watch town on the corner of the admin building where the guard tries to use a rocket launcher. The fourth one is tricky to get. After you get off the chopper and kill all of the enemies at the base run to the rocket launcher. Wait for the gate to open and let the tank pass by the gate first so you don't hit the tank on accident. The moai head in the bottom right corner of the gate. You have to hit it before the gate closes. The fifth one is near the huge tower the other chopper blows up. There is a square roof with the head on it at the base of that tower. You circle around the tower a couple of times so you have a few times to hit it.




"Happy Birthday!" Cutscene

Return to Mother Base on the day you entered as Snake's birthday in the prologue to unlock a secret "Happy Birthday" cutscene with Ocelot, Kaz, and the rest of the Mother Base family.


Unlockable Music Tapes

These tapes can be played from the cassette menu in the iDroid. You can use the microphone on your binoculars to search the area and pinpoint the tapes location as you will hear the music.


How to Unlock


Kungenga Mine, SW guard post

A Phantom Pain

Wakh Sind Barracks, NE huts

All The Sun Touches

Munoko ya Nioka Station

Behind The Drapery

Da Wialo Kallai

Dancing With Tears In My Eyes

Ditadi Abandoned Village, under a canopy

Dormant Stream

Smasei Fort, West guard post

Friday I'm In Love

Lufwa Valley, inside mansion


Nova Bragia Airport on eastern side in a building

Heaven's Divide

Near the elevator before you head up to the helipad

How 'bout them zombies ey?

Bwala ya Masa, easternmost building

Kids In America

Da Shago Kallai, outside main building

Love Deterrance

Da Ghwandai Khar, close to where you rescue Kaz

Love Will Tear Us Apart

Afghanistan Central Base Camp


Lamar Khaate Palace, tent canopy in front of palace

Midnight Mirage

Bampeve Plantation, northernmost building


Serak Power Plant, northernmost building

Only Time Will Tell

Eastern Communications Post

Peace Walker Main Theme

Mission 43, in a room with soldiers saluting you

Planet Scape

Sakhra Ee Village, South guard post

Quiet Life

Mfinda Oilfield, Southeastern building

Quiet's Theme

Mission 45, follow footprints in sand

Rebel Yell

Mountain Relay Base, to the west of the bridge

Ride A White Horse

Lamar Khaate Palace, North guardpost

She Blinded Me With Science

Wialo Village Northeast guard post

Sins Of The Father

Complete Mission 30

Snake Eater

Munoko ya Nioka Station, west guard post

Take On Me

Yakho Oboo Outpost, west wing of main outpost

Take The DW

Da Smasei Laman, under canopy near ampitheater

The Final Countdown

Qayra Sakhra Ee, east side of village in a small building

The Tangerine

Spugmay Keep, East guard post

Too Shy

Kiziba Camp, in a tent by the Anti-Air Radar


Kungenga Mine

You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)

Lufwa Valley, NW guard post


Unlockable Uniforms/Items/Weapons

Once you meet the unlock conditions for these, you can go into your Development menu of your iDroid and develop them provided that you meet the development requirements.


How to Unlock


Complete Side Op 143

F-Ballista (D-Walker)

Extract 1000 enemies

Furicorn Uniform (D-Horse)

Complete Side Op 144

Gray Fox (1998) Uniform

Complete all MIssions (excluding the High Difficulty Missions)

Gray XOF Uniform (Quiet)

Watch Quiet's Interrogation Scene

Hand of Jehuty

Complete Side Op 49

Infinity Bandana

Complete MIssion 46

Leather Jacket Uniform

Complete Mission 46

Naked Gold Uniform

Obtain an S-rank on all High Difficulty Missions

Naked Silver Uniform

Complete all High Difficulty MIssions

Raiden Uniform

Obtain an S-rank on all main Missions (excluding High Difficulty Missions)

Silver Bionic Arm

Complete all High Difficulty Missions

Sniper Wolf Uniform (Quiet)

Complete MIssion 40

Stealth Camo

Complete Huey Emmerich's story.

Tactical Fulton Unifrom (D-Dog)

Find the First Aid Manual Blueprint in Masa Village in Central Africa

Water Pistol

Complete Mission 18

Wormhole Fulton

Complete Side Op 50



P.T. Radio Broadcast

Right before Africa's "Ngumba Industral Zone," is a tent off to the right of the path and before the tunnel that contains the radio broadcast from Hideo Kojima's P.T. detailing the disturbing murder details that repeated throughout the game.




Get Kojima As A Crew Member

Upload your save file from MGSV: Ground Zeroes to get Hideo Kojima in your crew in The Phantom Pain.


Metal Gear Solid 1 Snake

To unlock the Metal Gear Solid 1 Snake camo, one much import their Ground Zeroes to Metal Gear Solid V and must have beaten the mission "Deja Vu" on hard in Ground Zeroes. This camo turns Snake into a polygonal version of "Solid Snake" from Metal Gear Solid 1. This camo gives the same bonuses that the "Sneaking Suit" provides.


How to Unlock

"Solid Snake" camo

Import Ground Zeroes save data with "Deja Vu" beaten on hard.

Game files - Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain

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