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Unlock more trainer options
including updates from here - Dragon Age: Origins Trainer


Using this Trainer:

Launch the trainer first, then launch the Game and then Press F1 at the Main Menu.

Listen for "Activated".

Press desired option key


Options in Promo:

Numpad 8: Add Gold - gives you 1 copper



Numpad 1: Unlimited Health

Numpad 2: Unlimited Mana

Numpad 3: Party Health

Numpad +: Level Up

Numpad -: Level Down

Numpad 4: Add Experience

Numpad 5: Attributes Points

Numpad 6: Skills Points

Numpad 7: Talent/Spell Points

Numpad 8: Add Gold

Numpad 9: Instant Cooldowns

Numpad *: Remove Spells

Numpad 0: Unlimited Items

Numpad /: Item Editor

[ Key: Drain Health

] Key: Heal Unit

; Key: Remove Restrictions

' Key: Unlimited Rogue Stealth



Numpad 1: Unlimited Health - tries to keep your player alive.

Numpad 2: Unlimited Mana - tries to keep your mana pool alive.

Numpad 3: Party Health - tries to keep all members of your party alive.

Numpad +: Level Up - level will rise.

Numpad -: Level Down - level will fall.

Numpad 4: Add Experience - adds experience to current character.

Numpad 5: Attributes Points - adds an attribute point to current character.

Numpad 6: Skills Points - adds an Skill point to current character.

Numpad 7: Talent/Spell Points - adds an Talent/Spell point to current character.

Numpad 8: Add Gold - enter the inventory at least once and then leave the inventory.  Press this key and you will have more money.

Numpad 9: Instant Cooldowns - items on your action bar during game play will instantly be ready to use again.

Numpad *: Remove Spells - press this key when you are being damaged buy poisons, etc. to remove them from you.  This spell is active for about 8 seconds and will also remove good spells from you so use it wisely-

Numpad 0: Unlimited Items - items on your action bar will be infinite.

Numpad /: Item Editor - Open your inventory and select a list of items that are either armor or weapons.  Next hover your mouse over the item you wish to edit.  Press the option key.  A window will open up displaying this item's information (the information may not be identical to what is displayed in the game).  You may have to alt-tab to Windows Desktop to see the window.  Next, edit the values to your liking.  Some values are multiples or affect the values in the game differently than others. At any rate, when completed, press F1 to save the values.  Alt-tab back into the game (if necessary) and you will see that your item has been changed.  Change the damage of weapons, the range, or the armor value, etc.  Modify the values until you get the in-game value that suits you.  Create your own Super Weapons!

[ Key: Drain Health - mouse over units that display health bars on them. Press key to drain that unit's health.

] Key: Heal Unit - mouse over units that display health bars on them. Press key to increast to maximum that unit's health.

; Key: Remove Restrictions - some weapons and armor require that your character meets certain requirements.  Press this key and then enter the inventory.  You should be able to equip items now.

' Key: Unlimited Rogue Stealth - This option allows your rogue to remain stealthed continuously.  Go into stealth mode with the rogue and then turn the option on.  You will remain in stealth mode indefinitely.  To turn off, press option again and then stealth on and off once more.



For options 4-9, please note the following:

1) you must select the character before you press the option.  Press the function key of the character or click on the portrait of the character.

2) Make sure you do not have Auto Level activated

3) Once you press the option, Press 'C' to enter the character screen and then you should see the Level Up button is now available.

4) You might have to wait a short time after pressing keys for the option to take hold

5) Some areas or zones or characters in the game do not allow levelling up or the changing of attributes in all circumstances or all characters.  Some areas you only have access to a party member for a short time, etc.  The options may not work for you in those cases.

6) In cases where the option(s) don't appear to be working, try saving your game, closing the game and trainer, and then reloading the game and restart the trainer to see if that helps.

Game files - Dragon Age: Origins

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