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Total Conflict: Resistance - Trainer +86 v0.60.1 V2 {}

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    Total Conflict: Resistance

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Activating this trainer

If not state otherwise below, press F1 at main menu.
Listen for 'Trainer Activated'.
Press desired hotkey. All hotkeys can be changed on the trainer.

Trainer Options

# Player 
     NumPad1: God Mode
     NumPad2: No Reload
     NumPad3: Unlimited Ammo
     NumPad4: Unlimited Grenades
     NumPad5: Super Zoom
     NumPad6: No Recoil
     NumPad7: Super Accuracy 
     NumPad8: Super Weapon Damage
     NumPad9: Set Selected Platoon's Resources to Max
     Multiply: Increase Player Speed
     Add: Decrease Player Speed
     Subtract: Set Normal Player Speed
     Decimal: Increase Jump Height
     Divide: Decrease Jump Height
     F1: Set Normal Jump Height
     F2: Decrease Gravity
     F3: Increase Gravity
     F4: Set Normal Gravity

# Enemy  
     F5: Decrease Enemy Speed
     F6: Increase Enemy Speed
     F7: Freeze Enemies
     F8: Set Normal Enemy Speed

# Teleport 
     F9: Save Position Slot 1
     F10: Save Position Slot 2
     F11: Save Position Slot 3
     F12: Save Position Slot 4
     F13: Save Position Slot 5
     F14: Restore Position Slot 1
     F15: Restore Position Slot 2
     F16: Restore Position Slot 3
     F17: Restore Position Slot 4
     F18: Restore Position Slot 5

# Misc 
     F19: Game Speed

Editor Options

# Resources 
     Resource Slot 1 - Slot 50

# Tactical Campaign  
     Research Points
     Command Resource


For the resource editor click on one of your platoons on the global map then the platoon's resource amounts will shows up in the editor slots but in chaotic order, NPC might benefit from resource options as well so make sure to deactivate them before jumping iside battle.

Set Selected Platoon's Resources to Max:
Please read Instructions before using this option.

Tactical Campaign ' Research Points:
Tactical Campaign ' Command Resource:
Tactical Campaign ' Supply:
On tactical campaign enter 'Manufacturing Adaptation' then press right click and go back and related value shows up here.

Total Conflict: Resistance - Trainer +86 v0.60.1 V2 {}
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Game files - Total Conflict: Resistance

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