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This War of Mine: Trainer +8 V2 (STEAM+DRMFREE v3.0.3) {}

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    This War of Mine

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Using this Trainer:

Launch the trainer first, then launch the Game and then Press F1 at the Main Menu.

Listen for "Activated".

Press desired option key


Options in Promo:

Numpad 4: Instant Crafting



Numpad 1: Resource Multiplier

Numpad 2: Freeze Day Timer

Numpad 3: Freeze Scavenge Timer

Numpad 4: Instant Crafting

Numpad 5: Mega Backpack

Numpad 6: God Mode

Numpad 7: Custom Craft

Numpad 8: Unlimited Combat Ammo



ONCE AGAIN, Cheathappens brings the DEFINITIVE TRAINER.

Numpad 1: Resource Multiplier - PLEASE USE AS DIRECTED AND ONLY WHERE bDIRECTED! The ONLY place to use this is when you are in your safehouse during the DAYTIME. This works when you have selected a Pile of Supplies OR a Cabinet and there is loot inside them. Look for the WHITE HANDs with the CIRCLE around the to see where loot is located. To use this, click on one of the lootable areas and the windows open up showing "Our things" and "SEARCHED". Next, press the option key and then begin clicking on items in those windows. You will note that when the items TRANSFER from one window to the other, THE AMOUNT OF THEM WILL MULTIPLY. You can quickly multiply the amount you have up to the THOUSANDS. You have about 7 seconds before the option shuts back off again. DO NOT USE THIS OPTION ANYWHERE ELSE. Also, it's probably best to let the option 'DEACTIVATE' before pressing the EXIT button to leave the loot windows. Using this option ONLY HERE and AS DIRECTED you will find that when you scavenge or end the days the game will not crash.

Numpad 2: Freeze Day Timer- toggle this on and this option does two things. First it will reset the time back to 6am. Second, it will freeze the time there, enabling you to get more done in the safehouse. Some events (i.e. people coming back or scripted events) require that time passes. So you might leave this OFF unless you find you need more time to complete something. Toggle off to resume normal time flow.

Numpad 3: Freeze Scavenge Timer - toggle this on while in the Scavenger portion of the game and you will have unlimited time to explore and scavenge. This option resets the clock to 9pm and freezes it there. Toggle off to resume normal time flow.

Numpad 4: Instant Crafting - this option works ONLY when you are crafting items or building furniture, etc. When you see the yellow circle bar filling around indicating that the crafting process is started, press this option key and that item will instantly complete. If you had multiple items queued, it will likely complete them all instantly. Use this each time you are crafting an item and want it to complete faster.

Numpad 5: Mega Backpack - at the End of the Day, if you are going to send one of your characters out to Scavenge, toggle this on and then select the PREPARE button. You will see that your backpack has 100 inventory spaces. You will be able to carry back a lot more items (and carry more items with you). Toggle back off when not needed.

Numpad 6: God Mode - use this powerful option to prevent your character from being killed by attacks. This also prevents NPC from being damaged as well, which may be helpful in other missions. Keep in mind while this is active, YOU cannot damage other NPC either. However, note that NPC and you attack each other in 'turns'. So you can wait for them to attack you, then when they are done toggle the option off and attack back (preferably with a gun), then turn the option back on. Basically this option allows you to Scavenge without fear of being killed if you leave it on. Toggle OFF when not needed.

Numpad 7: Custom Craft - THIS IS A VERY POWERFUL OPTION! With this option you can create almost ANY item in the game. You MUST already have a WORKSHOP and this option works using the WORKSHOP. Also, Please note the ITEM CODES listed below the NOTES section for the ITEM CODE that corresponds to the items that are created. Start by pressing the option key. You will hear 'ACTIVATED'. Next alt-tab out of the game and you will see that there is a second window that popped up titled CRAFTING CODE. Enter the 2 digit code into that window (there is a "00" there by default). Make sure that the window is still open and then alt-tab back into the game. Next, open the WORKSHOP and you need to select an item to craft. Usually it's best to select a cheap and easily made item (like the FUEL which only requires 1 WOOD in the consumables). Click the MAKE button and when the item is completed, you will have created the CUSTOM ITEM (using the ITEM CODE BELOW) instead of the FUEL. The item is in your 'Our stuff" storage. For instance, to create "Moonshine", you would enter the 2 digit code "2E" in the CRAFTING CODE window that the trainer popped up. Toggle the option back off by pressing the option key again. The CRAFTING CODE window will close and the WORKSHOP will function normally again.

Numpad 8: Unlimited Combat Ammo - while in combat/scavenge, if you have a weapon that uses ammo, you can toggle this on and when you fire the weapon, your ammo will not deplete. Toggle OFF when not needed.

This War of Mine: Trainer +8 V2 (STEAM+DRMFREE v3.0.3) {}

Game files - This War of Mine

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