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Jagged Alliance 3: Trainer +24 v1.0 {FLiNG}

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    Jagged Alliance 3

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Shift+Q – Invulnerable 
Shift+W – Infinite AP 
Shift+E – Infinite Ammo/No Reload 
Shift+R – Infinite Weapon Durability 
Shift+T – Max Hit Chance 
Shift+Y – Max Critical Chance 
Shift+U – Super Damage/One Hit Kill 
Shift+P – Kill All Enemies 
Shift+F1 – Add 1,000,000 Money 
Shift+F2 – Enable Cheat Menu 
Shift+F3 – Set Game Speed

Shift+F5 – Selected Unit: Level Up 
Shift+F6 – Selected Unit: Max Level 
Shift+F7 – Selected Unit: Infinite Perk Points 
Character Stats Editor

Shift+A – Selected Unit: Add 5 Health 
Shift+S – Selected Unit: Add 5 Agility 
Shift+D – Selected Unit: Add 5 Dexterity 
Shift+F – Selected Unit: Add 5 Strength 
Shift+G – Selected Unit: Add 5 Wisdom 
Shift+H – Selected Unit: Add 5 Leadership 
Shift+J – Selected Unit: Add 5 Marksmanship 
Shift+K – Selected Unit: Add 5 Mechanical 
Shift+L – Selected Unit: Add 5 Explosives 
Shift+Z – Selected Unit: Add 5 Medical 

This is a mod, not a regular trainer.

You must enable the mod named “FLiNG Trainer Mod” in Main Menu > Mod Manager in order to use the trainer/mod (If the mod didn’t show up, try close and re-enter the Mod Manager).

You must use hotkeys to enable mod/cheat options during gameplay, activating cheats outside the game’s window will not work.

Jagged Alliance 3: Trainer +24 v1.0 {FLiNG}

Game files - Jagged Alliance 3

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