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Humanitz: Trainer +70 v0.9 V2 {}

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Activating this trainer

If not state otherwise below, press F1 at main menu.
Listen for 'Trainer Activated'.
Press desired hotkey. All hotkeys can be changed on the trainer.

Trainer Options

# Player 
     NumPad1: Invulnerable 
     NumPad2: Unlimited Health
     NumPad3: No Hunger
     NumPad4: No Thirst
     NumPad5: Unlimited Stamina
     NumPad6: No Infection
     NumPad7: Super Damage
     NumPad8: Unlimited Max Character Weight
     NumPad9: Unlimited Skill Point
     Multiply: Unlimited EXP

# Weapons 
     Add: Unlimited Weapon Durability 
     Subtract: Unlimited Ammo
     Decimal: No Reload
     Divide: Super Weapon Damage

# Vehicle 
     F1: Max Car Parts Durability 
     F2: Unlimited Fuel
     F3: Unlimited Car Health

# Inventory 
     F4: Max Item Quality
     F5: Easy Craft 

# Player Movement 
     F6: Increase Player Speed
     F7: Decrease Player Speed
     F8: Set Normal Player Speed
     F9: Increase Jump Height
     F10: Decrease Jump Height
     F11: Set Normal Jump Height
     F12: Decrease Gravity
     F13: Increase Gravity
     F14: Set Normal Gravity

# Enemy Movement 
     F15: Decrease Enemy Speed
     F16: Increase Enemy Speed
     F17: Freeze Enemies
     F18: Set Normal Enemy Speed

# Teleport 
     F19: Save Position Slot 1
     F20: Save Position Slot 2
     F21: Save Position Slot 3
     F22: Save Position Slot 4
     F23: Save Position Slot 5
     F24: Restore Position Slot 1
     NumLock: Restore Position Slot 2
     Scroll: Restore Position Slot 3
     LeftShift: Restore Position Slot 4
     RightShift: Restore Position Slot 5

# Game  
     LeftCtrl: Game Speed

Editor Options

# Inventory 
     Pockets Slot 1
     Pockets Slot 2
     Pockets Slot 3
     Pockets Slot 4
     Pockets Slot 5
     Backpack Slot 1
     Backpack Slot 2
     Backpack Slot 3
     Backpack Slot 4
     Backpack Slot 5
     Backpack Slot 6
     Backpack Slot 7
     Backpack Slot 8
     Backpack Slot 9
     Backpack Slot 10
     Backpack Slot 11
     Backpack Slot 12
     Backpack Slot 13
     Backpack Slot 14
     Backpack Slot 15

# Player 
     Speed Multiplier
     Jump Multiplier
     Gravity Multiplier
     Damage Multiplier
     Max Weight

# Weapons 
     Current Weapon Damage Rate

# Enemy 
     Enemy Speed Multiplier


For the inventory editor open your inventory then editor will be filled in chaotic order with the inventory contents and for safety reasons inventory editor parts are unfreezable.

Just in caase try to save your game frequently while using the trainer.

Max Item Quality:
Switch it on then open your inventory and disable it after otherwise it might interfere with crafting system.

Easy Craft :
Very important: This option enables you to craft anything with abslolutely zero requirements but with a small flaw, it replaces the Pockets with the craft requirements and some random items so make sure to preserve your pockets before trying this also enable this WHILE YOU ARE IN THE CRAFTING SCREEN then disable it before closing the craft screen.

I'm not sure but the changes caused by this option might be permanent.

Warning: Don't try to use this option too often as it may cause crashes.

Humanitz: Trainer +70 v0.9 V2 {}

Game files - Humanitz

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