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Horizon Forbidden West: Trainer +20 v1.0.43.0 {LinGon}

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    Horizon Forbidden West

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Use Home key for activating this trainer!

Numpad 0 - Inf Health
      - Keeps player health full at all times

Numpad 1 - Invinsible/No Impact
      - Prevents player from taking damage

Numpad 2 - Refill Medicine Pouch
      - Allows for refilling the medicine pouch

Numpad 3 - Inf Oxygen
      - Allows player to breath underwater

Numpad 4 - Inf Ammo/Arrows
      - Arrows etc... wont deplete

Numpad 5 - Inf Weapon Stamina
      - Weapons can be used constantly

Numpad 6 - Inf Skill/Duration
      - Skill durtations are enabled and infinite

Numpad 7 - Mega XP
      - Gives you higher amount of XP each time earned in game

Numpad 8 - Set Skill Points
      - Open editor to set!  dont over do max!

Numpad 9 - Set Resource Amount
      - Open editor to set!  dont over do max!

End - Easy Kills
      - Allows for easier kills

Delete - Adjust World Speed - Open editor to set!
      - Allows you to adjust the games world speed - faster or slower

Insert - Teleport To Waypoint Marker
      - Allows you to go to marked location - use teleporters option "Teleport" numric 9 to go back to previouse location
       - As long as it has not been used after doing a waypoint teleportation in which case that would be the new location stored

Numric 6 - Super Speed
      ' Allows you the player to move faster

Numric 7 - Super Jump - Open editor to set!
      - Allows for higher jumps - use editor to adjust for higher or lower jump height

Numric 8 - Store Location

Numric 9 - Teleport

Numric 0 - Undo Teleportation

Horizon Forbidden West: Trainer +20 v1.0.43.0 {LinGon}

Game files - Horizon Forbidden West

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