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Expeditions: Viking - Trainer +21 v1.0.7.1 {}

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Unlock more trainer options
including updates from here - Expeditions: Viking Trainer


Activating this trainer:

Press F1 at main menu.

Listen for 'Trainer Activated'.

Press desired hotkey. All hotkeys can be changed on the trainer.


Trainer Options:

NumPad1: Infinite Health

NumPad2: Unlimited Moves

NumPad3: Instant Win Fight

NumPad4: Change Stat Points By 5

NumPad5: Change Skill Points By 5

NumPad6: Instant Homestead Upgrades

NumPad7: Change Wood By 50

NumPad8: Change Valuables By 50

NumPad9: Change Salvage By 50

NumPad0: Change Rations By 50

NumPad/: Change Medicine By 50

NumPad*: Change Meat By 50

NumPad-: Change Hides By 50

NumPad+: Change Herbs By 50

NumPad.: Reveal Current Map

Page UP: Unlimited Days

Page Down: Repair Item Under Cursor

Insert: Super Damage

Home: Unlimited Attacks

End: Change Morale By 5


Editor Options:

Stat Points

Skill Points

Resources: Wood

Resources: Valuables

Resources: Salvage

Resources: Rations

Resources: Medicine

Resources: Meat

Resources: Hides

Resources: Herbs



Infinite Health: While active your party has infinite health during combats. You can leave this option active all the time.

Unlimited Moves: While active your party has unlimited movement points. DISABLE BEFORE ENDING TURN OR IT AFFECTS THE ENEMY AS WELL!

Instant Win Fight: While in combat press hotkey and you instantly won the fight.

Stat / Skill Points / Change Morale: Open the skill page of the character and press hotkey to add more. You will need to close and open it again to see the value has updated.

Resources: Click on homestead and make your changes on the editor or press hotkey. Close the homestead window and you will see the resources have changed.

Instant Homestead Upgrades: While active you need to travel on the map and all homestead upgrades are instantly finished.

Reveal Current Map: While active the current map (not minimap) is fully revealed.

Unlimited Days: While active the amount of days will not change when travel etc.

Repair Item Under Cursor: Open your inventory and while active mouse HOVER the item and it will be repaired. Do not forget to deactivate.

Super Damage: While active the next hit will kill the target. As this also includes enemy attacks you must be very careful not having this option active and an enemy performs an opportunity attack. Also deactivate this option before ending your turn!

Unlimited Attacks: While active you can attack unlimited times with a single character. Deactivate before ending your turn!

Expeditions: Viking - Trainer +21 v1.0.7.1 {}


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