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Call to Arms - Gates of Hell: Trainer +21 v1.032.0 {}

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    Call to Arms - Gates of Hell

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Activating this trainer

If not state otherwise below, press F1 at main menu.
Listen for 'Trainer Activated'.
Press desired hotkey. All hotkeys can be changed on the trainer.

Trainer Options

# Units 
     NumPad1: Unlimited Ammo
     NumPad2: Set XP to Max For Level
     NumPad3: Reset Morale

# Vehicles 
     NumPad4: Unlimited Fuel

# Combat 
     NumPad5: Carnage Mode

# Gameplay 
     NumPad6: Game Speed

Editor Options

# Selected Unit 
     Health Max
     Health Multiplier
     Stamina Max

# Points 
     Current MP
     Max MP
     Max MP Cap
     Current CP
     CP Max Multiplier
     Current DP
     Max DP

# Dynamic Campaign Conquest 
     Research Tree Points


Trainer was created and intended to work with SKIRMISH mode.

It likely WONT work online against humans, and is not intended for that.

Some options may work in campaign, but the trainer was never tested or even created using the campaign.

Unlimited Ammo:
Toggle on and most infantry weapons and likely many vehicle weapons are unlimited.  However, may not work for all units and is mostly tested on Infantry.

Set XP to Max For Level:
click on one of your infantry units.
    Press this and the XP will go to the max of the current level,
    sending the XP bar to 100%.

Reset Morale:
click on one of your infantry units.  Press
    this and the morale bar will go to 100%.

Unlimited Fuel:
toggle on and your vehicle fuel is unlimited.

Carnage Mode:
toggle on and every infantry and vehicle in the game
    will fire without reloading and with very little reset time, in essence
    blasting a barrage of gunfire and weapons fire constantly at targets.
    This will do massive damage to BOTH teams, so use when appropriate.
    You don't want to charge a jeep in to the path of enemy tanks with
    this engaged!

Research Tree Points:
Click RESEARCH TREE then the number of points you can spend is visible in the editor.

Call to Arms - Gates of Hell: Trainer +21 v1.032.0 {}
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Game files - Call to Arms - Gates of Hell

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