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Beyond Contact: Trainer +9 v1.2.2 {}

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    Beyond Contact

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Activating this trainer

If not state otherwise below, press F1 at main menu.
Listen for 'Trainer Activated'.
Press desired hotkey. All hotkeys can be changed on the trainer.

Trainer Options

# Player 
     NumPad1: Unlimited Health
     NumPad2: Unlimited Power
     NumPad3: Unlimited Oxygen
     NumPad4: Invisible

# Crafting 
     NumPad5: Unlock All Recipes

# Gameplay 
     NumPad6: Game Speed

Editor Options

# Player Stats 
     Next XP


Game uses .dll that is "burst" .dll from the unity game making engine.  WHY?  Go ask the developers.  I've seen no other game use this in this way.  Unfortunately due to the way the game uses this .dll, it's injected into the game or de-injected and then re-injected into unique new memory space, and this can be triggered by reload of game, save, load, moving into new areas, or who knows what.

What does this mean?  It means that the trainer looks for unique AOB signature to interecept the main character stat loop to be able to do things like health and hunger and etc.  If the .dll is de-injected the trainer no longer is accessing this critical loop.  To make matters worse, the game then re-injects the .dll into new memory space location.  This forces the need to turn off all options, close the trainer, then restart the trainer, so new location can be found, then you can use the options again.

This is a unique issue due to the bizarre programming choices made by the developer team.  Our trainer works as intended, and there is no way around this at the moment.

We had already retired or put this annoying and patching and mess of a game on hold, but we brought it back out once it went to 1.0.  It's already updated twice in the last 14 days.  If this game continues to be a problem or is patching wildly or there is too many complaints about this unique and unavoidable situation, we will just retire this game.

Best way to use the trainer, is to load into the game, wait until you are moving around, THEN activate.  If you see that your energy and hunger are changing with the options on, or you are taking damage, PAUSE the game, then turn off all options, close the trainer, then start over and activate trainer while paused.

Note that this trainer will NOT work in CO OP or multiplayer modes, sorry.

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Game files - Beyond Contact

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