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The Forest: SaveGame (Achievement Step Master) [Steam]

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The essence of this achievement is that the pedometer displays 50,000 steps. Without this device, you can walk at least 100,000 steps, but you will not get an achievement.

How to get the achievement:
After loading the save you will find yourself next to the hut, with a pedometer in hand. You only need to go 10 steps, and that's it, your achievement!

To install:

Copy to C:\Users\*user name*\AppData\LocalLow\ SKS\TheForest\*number*\SinglePlayer\Slot1

SavеGame will replace the first slot! So if you have a save in the first slot, make a backup

Author: Skiperrr

Game files - The Forest

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I can't find the C:\Users\*user name*\AppData\LocalLow\ SKS\TheForest\*number*\SinglePlayer\Slot1 

cause I have the games installed on my disk D . I can only find SteamLibrary - steamapps - common - theforest 

Where do I put the folder? Please help, Thank you
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Hey! I also have the game installed on disk D. But despite this, the save is on disk C.
In order to find this folder, you can press the key combination WIN + R, enter %appdata% in the field.
You will open the "Roaming" folder, in the line where the folder address is indicated, you need to click on AppData. Then go to the folder LocalLow\SKS\TheForest\76561198241948442\SinglePlayer
And put the Slot1 folder in it.
Hope I helped!
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Hello everyone, I am the author of this save. The computer swears that there is a virus in the archive, but it is not. My computer swore that there was a virus in the "Slot1" folder even when I just added it to the archive or just dragged it to the desktop!
You can check this with your saves, so I responsibly declare that there are definitely no viruses there. Good luck to all!
thanks for the save
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