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Survival: Fountain of Youth - SaveGame (house on a high hill) [1397]

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    Survival: Fountain of Youth

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The game version is ideal for Steam and for pirated version!
There is everything for a comfortable life in chocolate!
The highest quality Spanish schooner in the world (made in China) is moored not far from the house.
A lot of loot in chests, dried food for distant expeditions, fresh food, water, evaporation tanks, tools, well-forged weapons, top-end gear, a lot of materials, medicines, legendary potions, all production machines and much more.
The location of the base - you won't find anything better! Within walking distance are the sea, forest, mountains, harpy nests, foxes, plants, fruit trees, water sources, coyotes, wild boars, vines.
The entire map is drawn and open (currently 3 regions)
Comfort and service: the bed is completely handmade, made using exclusive materials: chestnut and cherry wood, Italian silk and cotton, gold leaf and diamonds.

To install:

Copy to C:\Users\[user name]\Desktop\Survival Fountain of Youth

Author: Akkermusha

Survival: Fountain of Youth - SaveGame (house on a high hill) [1397]

Game files - Survival: Fountain of Youth

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