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My Summer Car: SaveGame (Satsuma from the factory, GT parts)

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    My Summer Car

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I present to your attention an interesting save for the game My Summer Car. This is a great option for those who want to start the game from scratch, but at the same time have at their disposal the legendary Satsuma car in factory configuration.

In this save, you will begin your journey in the Finnish outback of the 90s behind the wheel of a shiny new Satsuma, fresh off the production line. Not a single scratch, not a single extra kilometer on the odometer - everything is as if you just bought this car at the showroom. Enjoy the indescribable feeling of getting into a brand new car and inhaling the smell of fresh upholstery!

Please note: your car will not have registration numbers in this save. So the first thing you have to worry about is legalizing your vehicle. But this small formality should not be a problem for you - just go to the nearest branch and get your treasured plates.

One more detail - there won't be much food in your house. Apparently, the previous owner did not have time to stock up properly before your arrival. But it doesn’t matter - you can always pop into your local store and replenish your supplies. The main thing is to remember to watch your hunger and eat on time in order to maintain strength to conquer the Finnish expanses.

Author: zahurkaYT

My Summer Car: SaveGame (Satsuma from the factory, GT parts)

Game files - My Summer Car

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