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Mass Effect Legendary Edition: Save Game (Male, wanderer, war hero, paragon)

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    Mass Effect Legendary Edition

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Save for transfer to the second part or for NG+.

Character details:

Name: John Shepard
Gender: Male
Appearance: Standard
Biography: Wanderer
Reputation: War Hero
Class: Soldier
Level: 60
Love Interest: Liara
Solutions to story missions:

The council is saved, Anderson is chosen as ambassador.

Rex is alive, Ashley and Kirrahe are saved, Kayden is dead, Rana Tanoptis is released.

Helped Gianna Parasini arrest Anoleisa, Rachni was released.

All colonists are saved, Shiala is alive.

Rex killed Fist.

Solutions in additional tasks:

Addition "X57: Death from Heaven" is completed, the hostages are saved, Balak is released.
All quests to collect resources, emblems, medallions, tokens, and disks have been completed.
Completed all side quests.
All guardians have been scanned.
Helped Tali on the Pilgrimage, had a heroic influence on Garrus, found armor for Rex.
The quest "Faulty VI" is completed.
Convinced Conrad not to join SPECTER.
Helped Dr. Michelle.
Helped Shaira.
Gave an interview to Calissa.
Destroyed Cerberus cells.
Installation Guide

Place the file in the following path:

C:\Users\username\Documents\BioWare\Mass Effect Legendary Edition\Save\ME1\Char

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