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Hogwarts Legacy: SaveGame (Quick start, collection of saves)

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    Hogwarts Legacy

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Save #1 (57 minutes) - Welcome to Hogwarts

Completed the prologue
Gryffindor House Selected


Save #2 (2 hours) - Exploration

The map is open, but teleports are not open
Character level - 10
Current quest - Welcome to Hogsmeade
Completed tasks - 9


Save #3 (6 hours) - Galkrad's Repose

All teleports are open
Character level - 21
Current quest - Gulkrad's Rest, A Whole Lot of Gobstones
Completed tasks - 25
Collected some pages and chests


Save #4 (9 hours) - Exploration

Character level - 23
Current quest - In the shadows of the Crypt
Completed tasks - 35
Collected some pages and chests


Save #5 (11 hours) - Mr. Moon's Moons

Character level - 25
Current Quest - Mr. Moon's Moons, Sweeping the Rivals, Professor Onai's Challenge, Professor Chesnook's Challenge 1, Madame Kogawa's Challenge 1, Urtkot's Helm, Studying the Beasts
Completed tasks - 40
Collected some pages and chests


Save #6 (47 hours) - Treasures from the Cursed Tomb

Character level - 35
Current quest - Treasures from the Cursed Tomb, Sweeping away the competition, Professor Onai's Quest, Professor Chesnook's Quest 1, Madame Kogawa's Quest 2, Urthkot's Helm, Study of Beasts
Completed tasks - 55
Collected all Demimaska figurines and balloons
Almost all treasure chests, manual pages and infamous enemies have been collected. All that remains is what is revealed by the quest


Add. save #1 - Demimaska Figurines

Achievement "Demimask Warning"
Goal - Find all figurines of demi masks (one is missing)
Objective - To get this achievement, pick up the last figurine at Hogwarts. She is in front.


Add. save #2 - Challenge accepted

Achievement - "Challenge Accepted"
Goal - Complete all levels of the test
Objective - You need to find a butterfly to get this achievement. Use the "LUMOS" spell. Go down the stairs and you will see a butterfly on a pillar, then take it to the mirror.


Add. save #3 - Follow the butterflies

Achievement - "Follow the Butterflies"
Goal - Follow the butterflies to find treasure
Task - Approach the butterfly, use the "LUMOS" spell and follow them. Then open the chest to unlock the achievement


To install:

Before installing, be sure to turn off cloud saving in Steam!

Installation path: C:/Users/%USERPROFILE%/AppData/Local\Hogwarts Legacy\Saved\SaveGames\
In this folder there will be another folder with random numbers. It is into this that you need to load all the necessary saves from the archive.


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Hogwarts Legacy: SaveGame (Quick start, collection of saves)

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