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Dragon Age: Inquisition: Adrienne Trevelyan Saves

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My friends have been kinda raving about her, telling me that they are crushing on her and stuff, so I really wanted to share her. She looks sort of Antivan to me, but when Dorian said that they were very very VERY long lost relatives, it kinda works with her look, having dark hair and a somewhat tan complexion. I also call her the Lioness, partially because of the hairstyle, and partially because Cullen is sometimes referred to as the lion, and she's got her eyes on him hahaha.

Mods Used:
Eyebrows 4 Women and Katherine Face Texture - by mrjack (Eyebrows - Unshaven, Dark)
Lion's Mane for All - by KoriC
Vibrant Eyes with Limbal Rings - by deadimage
Elongated Eyelashes from Random Stuff - by Ascendia (Version 0.3)
SK Hair Re-texture (Now Trespasser compatible) - by Skaramoosh (Smooth)
For some pictures: I used DAI Hair recolor utility 
- by LegionoftheLiving to make her hair a true black. I'll indicate which pictures are associated with this :)

If for some reason you are having issues downloading the file, and it shows up with 0kb of data, try coming back later and downloading it again. It looks like the servers were having issues making the content available for everyone when I first added it, but it should be okay now.

Also, please keep in mind that with the Lion's Mane hairstyle, it won't show up in Black Emporium, so you have to have the hairstyle that I have on my character in the sliders for that mod. I also noticed that with the smooth hair re-texture, it can make the black hair look grey in certain lighting (such as at Val Royeaux) so I ended up switching to the realistic version that is available from the same mod. It looks more black now, so if you have any issues with that, I would suggest doing the same. Other colors look great with the smooth version though!

I also want to make everyone aware that the Katherine Face Texture is not compatible with Black Emporium, so I had to temporarily uninstall the mod to be able to get the sliders for everyone. For the Katherine Texture, you want the third complexion option.

World State for Save Files:

Female Warden Alive and well.

Romanced Alistair.
Recruited dog.
Loghain executed by Warden.
Persuaded Revered Mother to free Sten.
Recruited Sten.
Recruited Oghren.
Returned Sten's sword.
Recruited Zevran.
Zevran alive and well.
Recruited Wynne.
Alistair became King.
Warden is Alistair's Queen.
Wynne alive and well.
Morrigcan had an old god baby with Alistair.
Leliana alive and well.
Acquired grimoire by defeating Flemith.

Nature of the Beast:
Brokered peace.
Told Athras about wife's fate.
Brought Cammen and Gheyna together.
Brought Varathorn ironbark.
Saved the halla.
Returned Deygan to Dalish camp.

Paragon of Her Kind:
Defeated Branka.
Dagna left to study.
Bhelen rules Orzammar.
Didn't encounter Mardy.
Didn't have son with Mardy.
Killed Ruck, said he died heroically.
Proved Legion of the Dead connected to noble house.
Didn't look into stolen tome.
Helped Burkel create Chantry.
Helped Zerlinda reconcile with family.
Didn't complete Rogek's lyrium deal.
Helped Orta join Assembly.

Broken Circle:
Mages supported.
First Enchanter Irving survived battle.
Did not agree to Cullen's request.

Ser Landry alive.
Told Bann about Oswyn.
Brought scroll to Sister Justine.
Completed Slim Couldry's crime wave.
Helped clear customers out of Pearl.
Handled the Crimson Oars.
Give Alfstanna Irminic's ring.
Returned amulet to beggar.
Helped Alistair find Goldanna.
Warden killed Master Ignacio.
Had Marjolaine killed.

The Landsmeet:
Alistar and the Warden rule.

Fed Ostagar prisoner guard's lunch.
Cured mabari hound.

The Urn of Sacred Ashes:
Urn not poisoned.

The Arl of Redcliffe:
Helped Redcliffe fight.
Helped Redcliffe prepare.
Freed Bevin and returned sword.
Helped Owen's daughter escape.
Connor alive, not possessed.
Isolde is alive.
Bella took tavern ownership.

The Battle of Denerim:
Warden killed the Archdemon.

Awakening Expansion:
Warden killed the architect.
Keep and Amaranthine protected.
Nathaniel alive and well.
Oghren and Felsi reunited.

Witch Hunt DLC:
Didn't go through the eluvian.

Stone Prisoner DLC:
Shale is alive and well.
Matthias and Amalia both alive, neither possessed.
Shale recruited.

Dragon Age II:
Female Hawke - Diplomatic.

Romanced Fenris.
Friends with Varric.
Bethany became a Grey Warden.
Carver died leaving Lothering.
Bartrand not killed.
Bethany did not die in final battle.
Helped Varric discover cause of haunting.
Varric did not keep red lyrium idol.
Recruited Isabela.
Isabela returned to Hawke.
Didn't give Isabela to Arishok.
Fenris alive and well.
Merrill stayed with Hawke.
Marrill alive and well.
Didn't approve of Anders' actions at Chantry.
Anders alive and well.
Merrill did not destroy eluvian.
Aveline married Donnic.
Aveline stayed with Hawke.
Merrill's clan not killed.
Recruited Sebastian.
Didn't make Tallis angry.
Didn't kiss Tallis.

Prologue: Joined smugglers.

Act 1:
Convinced templars to leave.
Returned cargo to Martin.
Kelder killed.
Returned Saemus to viscount.
Ginnis died.
Killed Danzig.
Told truth about Ghyslain's wife's death.
Solved mystery of missing miners.
Didn't blackmail Ser Thrask.
Idunna alive and well.
Sent Feynriel to the Dalish.
Keran reinstated with templars.
Defended Ketojan from the Qunari.
Karras alive and well.

Act 2:
Killed Gascard.
Discovered looter of Hubert's caravans.
Didn't encounter Yevhen.
Didn't side with Varnell against Qunari.
Didn't side with Petrice.
Javaris alive and well.
Fought alongside the guardsmen.
Feynriel freed and left for Tevinter.
Killed Arishok.

Act 3:
Hawke offered to help Nuncio.
Let Zevran go.
Recruited Nathaniel.
Reunited Charade and Gamlen.
Handed conspirators to Orsino.
Allowed Emile to go free.
Sided with mages.
Let Keran go.
Killed dragon at bone pit.

Legacy DLC:
Sided with Larius
Found Malcolm's will.


Author: SeleneFatalis

Dragon Age: Inquisition: Adrienne Trevelyan Saves

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