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Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden - SaveGame (Game completed, map 31% explored)

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    Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden

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Installation: place the folder from the archive along the path C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local

Description: main story completed, 30% map exploration; There are 65 saves in the folder. Not all of them are broken down properly (read below for a list of important ones). The final save before the point of no return has: level 18, 5 costumes, 5 melee, 4 guns, 5 infusions, 6 amulets, 6 bracelets, 4 brooches, 4 exile. rings. Most are leveled up to lvl 5-6. 21 points+ essences are invested in skills out of 42 possible (there are 84 skills in total, but only one choice is available in each pair = 42). There are a lot of unsolved cases.

List of important saves: 16:02:2024, 01:02:20 - before the fight with the Beast itself
19:02:2024, 16:24:29 - 1st way, get to the mountains
20:02.2024, 19:33:56 - before the actual fight with the Puppeteer (then decisions with the captain).
21:02.2024, 17.35:59 - Harrows soon (2nd path)
03/02:2024, 19:05:51 - very close to the solution with Haskell
02:03.2024, 21:16:16 - search for the Seeker’s refuge, further saving point of no return. 03/03/2024, 00:37:06 - end of the game, just before the final battle (to make you happy with the ending of the resurrection, go back to the point of no return and explore more things).

Answers on questions:

-In what cases are these saves needed? Why not 100%:? There were cases when they wrote about their loss or, for example, you want to change some decision, fight the boss again (including without equipment at the highest level) or investigate a lot of cases, but you don’t want to go through the plot again. 3 weeks have passed since the release date. To be 100%, to be honest, you still need to spend dozens of hours, and they won’t yield anything interesting, because... Even with this equipment and leveling up, closer to the middle of the game on maximum difficulty it was already comfortable. You can replace it with something else or find it yourself. You can also use trainers to get even more and faster, but this game is not fun to go through in a hurry. Why didn't those who already passed it post? This also remains a mystery to me. However, on Steam, only 1.1% of all players received the achievement of “collecting all 88 pieces of equipment.

-Why only this complexity? You can always change the difficulty in the game settings. If some things don’t work out, then you need to load either earlier or wait until the scene passes.

-Why does it weigh so much? Why do I need them all?
Each save is ~1.5 MB, total ~98 MB, I didn’t clear any extra saves. But the archive is as compressed as possible. You can select the ones you need and paste them along the path [C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\Banishers Ghosts of New Eden\Saved\SaveGames\Steam\user-id] or put everything in a folder and then decide when loading into the game , which ones to leave from the folder later (from which path you will go).

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Game files - Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden

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