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Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood - SaveGame (Total synchronization 92.08%, sequence 8 - Borgia)

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    Assassins Creed: Brotherhood

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Overall synchronization: 92.08%

Rome restored: 100%

Viewpoints: 24/24
Flags of the Borgia (Rome): 83/83
Borgia Flags (Caches): 18/18
Feathers (Rome): 10/10
Treasures (Rome): 144/144
Copernicus: 100% passed
Guild quests: 100% completed
Christina: completely completed
DLC "The Disappearance of Da Vinci": failed
Templar Agents: 100% completed
Borgia Towers: all captured
War vehicles: 100% destroyed
Caches: 100% completed
Brutus' armor is on.

Full set of weapons, including double blade, Altair's sword and Brutus' dagger (you'll have to go to the hideout and equip it)

BP (ammunition) in full set

Keys of Romulus: Completed
Flags of the Borgia: completed
Feathers: completed (I put them in the chest)
Clothing: everything is there, including a Medici and Venetian cloak
Truth: passed completely
Virtual training: completed with a gold medal (where it was for a while, used a trainer from hex)
Merchant quests: completely completed. All items were purchased from a tailor, blacksmith, art dealer, doctor
The bank holds 80,000f

Ezio is currently wearing Brutus armor. All sets of armor were purchased at the blacksmith, including any type of weapon

I pumped up Rome, sending recruits on missions or participating in underground battles to accumulate money. I basically didn’t use cheats to make money

Sequence 8 - The Borgia

I haven’t started going through this sequence yet so I can leave it to you. However, I will pass it too.

If you were looking for a save where you didn’t complete the “The Disappearance of Da Vinci” DLC and everything was closed at the end, then this is for you.

Uplay: works.

Steam: maybe.

Pirate: won't work.

Author: Vincere Nemo

Game files - Assassins Creed: Brotherhood

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