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War Hospital: Beginner Tips

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How do i get more staff points

If you mouse over your different resources in the borrum you will see that “staff points” can be earned by doing tasks for HQ and from Event’s.
So staff points are really your most rare resource you can get a hold off.
There are many random events that offer you staff points in exchange for some other resources like Alcohol or Food. It’s fairly common and one of the ways to get more staff along with the story progression.
You can also gain staff points doing Scout missions depending on what choices you make.


How to dismiss staff

You can't dismiss them... you can just hire more. If you made a mistake hiring the wrong staff.. you have to live with your mistakes. (Or load a previous save)


How To Get Military Drafts

Military Drafts are primarily acquired by sending soldiers back to HQ after they recover in the Rehabilitation Center. This means they won't be available to defend the hospital the next time the enemy attacks, but there are plenty of other positions along the front line that need fortifying.

Unless you're really in a bind, don't bother sending soldiers to HQ who will only provide one Military Draft. They're much better used defending the trenches. Send soldiers worth two and three Drafts instead.


How To Get More Staff Permits

Staff Permits are exceptionally rare, and they're the only resource that you can't get through the course of normal gameplay. Instead, you'll occasionally be given requests from command. These can range from sending a set number of soldiers to HQ to letting them borrow your staff for a few hours to prioritizing a particular patient.

If you fulfill these request, you'll be rewarded with Staff Permits. These are the only way to recruit new doctors, medics, nurses, scouts, and engineers, so use them wisely!

Use your initial allotment of Staff Permits at the beginning of Chapter One to hire a second Surgeon. You'll need him.


Patient Resting. What Does That Mean?

They are still in the rehabilitation center but outside the tent.

They are just chilling on the benches or doing some other activities, if you got an upgrade.

Its a part of rehabilitation process.



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