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9 Days: Tips (How to Get the Flying)

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    9 Days

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* Anyways you want to go to the coastlands and talk to the girl behind the table in the castle thingy.

* Then you want to go to the bunker behind the castle and kill all the drajis or whatever there called (all the monsters).

* Once you’ve killed them all go back to the top and she will tell you to kill the guardian.

* You can find the guardian at the guardian place beside the coasts lands.

* When you in there you should look for a guy you will know your near him when you here the whispers in the air.

* Don’t get to close to him cuz hell 2 shot you.

* Stay far away and try not to make him see you if he does dash around so you don’t get hit he will eventually tp to another place walk around.

* Just keep doing damage to him every time you see him (the way i killed him was i found a spot where i can be in the open and do damage and he doesn’t move or anything).

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