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Stronghold: Definitive Edition - Beginner Tips

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    Stronghold: Definitive Edition

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How to Play My Old Maps:

All you need to do is copy your maps from the original maps folder to the new Stronghold: Definitive Edition maps folder location:

  1. Browse to the original Stronghold maps folder. Default location is:
    • \Documents\Stronghold\Maps
  2. Select and copy all the maps you wish to transfer.
  3. Browse to the new Stronghold: Definitive Editions maps folder. Default location is: 
    • C:\Users\{username}\AppData\LocalLow\Firefly Studios\Stronghold 1 Definitive Edition\Maps 
  4. Alterntively click on the “Open Settings Folder” within the in-game “Game Options” to open the folder.
  5. Paste the maps into the new folder.


How to Earn Gold (First Mission):

You can click on your keep and then you will be able to set taxes.

They will five you negative popularity so you need to:
- Just stop taking taxes when popularity gets low.
- Just make your food production big egnough to make food rations double (to set double rations you need to click on granary) and you will be.
able to set down taxes without you popularity falling off.


How to increase recruits in strong hold crusader?

Build Military Buildings: Establish a range of military buildings such as mercenary posts, barracks, or even siege camps to attract more recruits to your kingdom. These buildings will house and train soldiers, increasing your overall recruitable army.

Maintain a Stable Economy: A stable economy is crucial for attracting recruits. Ensure that you have sufficient food production to sustain your population and surplus for new recruits. Establish additional farms and granaries as needed to meet the demands of your growing army.

Increase Popularity: Keep the popularity of your kingdom high to attract more recruits. Popularity is influenced by factors such as low taxes, plenty of food, and ample housing. Build additional inns and taverns to improve popular opinion and attract more peasants to your cause.

Provide Amenities and Services: Consider building various amenities and services within your kingdom to appeal to potential recruits. These could include churches, hospitals, or even entertainment facilities like fairgrounds or jousting arenas. Meeting the needs of your population will encourage more peasants to join your ranks.

Create Defensive Structures: A well-defended kingdom will attract more recruits. Invest in building defensive structures like walls, towers, and moats to protect your lands and provide a sense of security to potential recruits. A safe stronghold is more likely to attract people seeking refuge.

Conduct Military Campaigns: Launch military campaigns against enemy territories and win battles to increase the chances of capturing enemy soldiers and converting them into your recruits. Managing a successful campaign can greatly increase the number of soldiers in your army.

Develop Alliances: Forge alliances with other AI opponents in the game. Allies will often provide you with reinforcements and additional troops when needed, boosting your army size and potentially providing some recruits for your cause.

Remember that each map and gameplay style may require different tactics, so adapt your strategy accordingly. Experiment, learn from your successes and failures, and gradually refine your approach to increase the number of recruits in Stronghold Crusader.


How to crowding stronghold cruseder?

Build multiple types of buildings: Create a diverse range of buildings such as barracks, mercenary posts, and farms to gather resources and train troops.

Focus on producing troops: Train a large number of troops like archers, spearmen, and horsemen to fill your armies. Ensure you have enough resources to sustain the production of troops.

Expand your economy: Establish a strong economy by setting up multiple farms, iron mines, and other resource-generating buildings. This will ensure a steady income to support your troops.

Utilize defensive structures: Construct walls, towers, and other defensive structures to protect your stronghold from enemy attacks. Place these structures strategically to cover vulnerable areas and create chokepoints.

Use siege equipment: Build siege workshops and produce siege equipment like catapults and ballistae to break down enemy defenses. Use them effectively to breach enemy walls and weaken their stronghold.

Form alliances: Build alliances with other AI-controlled players to fight against a common enemy. This will help you in sharing resources, troops, and strategies, increasing your chances of success in crowded battles.

Practice efficient resource management: Make sure to continually gather resources, manage your population, and allocate workers to the right tasks. Proper resource management is crucial to support your troops and maintain a strong economy.

Plan strategically: Analyze the enemy stronghold, their defenses, and their weaknesses. Plan your attacks and deployments accordingly to exploit their vulnerabilities and maximize your chances of success.

Upgrade your stronghold: Invest in upgrading your buildings and defenses to increase their effectiveness and provide bonuses to your troops. Stronger defenses and upgraded troops will give you an edge in crowded battles.

Constantly adapt and learn: Review your battles, identify areas for improvement, and learn from your mistakes. Keep updating your strategies to become more effective and stay one step ahead of your opponents.

Remember, practice and experience are vital in becoming a master in crowding Stronghold Crusader. So, keep playing, experimenting, and refining your skills to achieve victory.


How to increase crowding strong hold?

Increase the number of attractions: Add more interesting and unique features to your stronghold to attract more people. This can include museums, art galleries, theme parks, or even interactive exhibits. The more attractions you have, the more people will be drawn to the stronghold.

Improve accessibility: Ensure that your stronghold is easily reachable by improving transportation links, such as building new roads or increasing public transportation options. This will make it convenient for people to visit the stronghold, leading to increased crowding.

Host events and festivals: Organize regular events and festivals within your stronghold to attract a larger crowd. This can include music concerts, food festivals, sports tournaments, or cultural celebrations. Promote these events through advertising and social media to attract people from far and wide.

Enhance amenities and services: Provide high-quality amenities and services within your stronghold to make visitors' experience more enjoyable. This can include well-maintained restrooms, parking facilities, food stalls, seating areas, and shaded spots. Happy visitors are more likely to spread the word and attract more people.

Collaborate with nearby businesses: Partner with nearby businesses like hotels, restaurants, and shops to offer package deals or discounts for visitors. This not only benefits the businesses but also encourages people to visit the stronghold and explore the surrounding area.

Promote through marketing campaigns: Develop comprehensive marketing campaigns to create awareness and interest in your stronghold. Utilize various mediums such as social media, online advertising, print media, radio, and TV to reach a wider audience. Highlight the unique aspects and attractions of your stronghold to attract more visitors.

Offer group discounts and promotions: Encourage group visits by offering discounts and promotions for families, schools, or larger groups. This can incentivize people to visit the stronghold together, increasing the overall crowding.

Engage with the local community: Connect with the local community by organizing community events, supporting local businesses, or sponsoring local sports teams. By building strong relationships with the local population, you can generate positive word-of-mouth and encourage more people to visit your stronghold.

Remember, while increasing crowding in your stronghold can be beneficial for revenue and popularity, it is essential to ensure that the infrastructure and facilities can handle the increased footfall without compromising the visitor experience.


How to get crowding bonus strong hold?

Build various types of infrastructure: Construct a wide range of buildings and structures in your stronghold, such as houses, marketplaces, workshops, farms, and entertainment buildings. These structures will attract different types of workers and residents, creating a diverse population.

Provide necessary amenities: Make sure that your stronghold provides basic necessities and amenities for your population, such as wells for water, granaries for food storage, and access to healthcare facilities. This will improve the overall satisfaction and well-being of your residents.

Create job opportunities: Construct a variety of workshops, industries, and resource-generating buildings that provide employment opportunities for your population. This will attract more workers and increase the overall crowding level of your stronghold.

Increase housing capacity: Continuously expand your housing capacity by building more houses or upgrading existing ones. This will accommodate more residents and workers, eventually leading to higher crowding levels.

Maintain a strong defense: Keep your stronghold well-protected from enemy attacks as this will increase the overall confidence and safety of your population. This will encourage people to stay and contribute to the growth and development of your stronghold.

Focus on food production: Make sure that your stronghold has a stable and consistent food supply. This will ensure that your population remains well-fed and satisfied, further increasing the overall crowding level.

Improve overall satisfaction: Regularly check the happiness and satisfaction levels of your population. Address any issues or concerns promptly, such as fulfilling their basic needs, providing entertainment, or addressing health issues. Happy residents are more likely to stay and contribute to the crowding bonus.

By following these steps, you should be able to gradually increase the crowding level in your stronghold and earn the crowding bonus.


How to increase religion percent in stronghold?

Build more churches and temples in your Stronghold. This will allow more pilgrims to visit and increase your religion percentage.

Offer taxes to pilgrims who come to your Stronghold. This will encourage them to stay longer and build their devotion to your faith.

Invite priests and holy men to your Stronghold. This will provide an example to the local population and further increase their devotion to your faith.

Send missionaries to distant lands to spread the word of your faith. This will bring more people to your Stronghold and increase your religion percentage.


How to bleedsed pepole in strong hold?

Gather and assemble the necessary medical supplies for bleeding a person. This should include a tourniquet, gauze and other sterile items.

Make sure the area you are working in is clean and sterile.

Apply the tourniquet to the person’s affected area and tighten it until the veins in that area bulge.

Wipe away any excess blood with sterile gauze.

Make an incision on the affected area and collect the necessary amount of blood in a sterile container.

Apply pressure to the incision until the bleeding stops.

Dispose of used materials properly and bandage the wound.


How to Activate Cheat Mode?

To activate cheat mode, press [Shift] + [Alt] + A at the main menu.

Next, to enable the associated cheat feature while playing the game, continuously hit one of the following codes.

Cheat Codes

  • [Alt] + X – Adds 100 Popularity + 1000 Gold.
  • [Alt] + L – Level Up one unit.
  • [Alt] + P – Level Up your characters.
  • [Alt] + G – Destroy the Stronghold.
  • [Alt] + K – Destroy the Enemy’s Fortress.
  • [Alt] + F – All is free.
  • [Alt] + C – Cycle Characters.
  • [Alt] + S – Change Time.
  • [Alt] + D – Debug Mode.
  • [Alt] + Q – Speed Up time.
  • [Alt] + Y – Defeat all visible enemies.
  • [Alt] + Z – Defeat selected enemy.

Alternative Way: By selecting the [Chicken Menu] in Game Options, you may provide yourself free structures, unlock campaigns, and gain access to additional features. However, keep in mind that utilizing any of these tricks will prevent you from winning sessions’ worth of achievements.

Game files - Stronghold: Definitive Edition

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