Best Action PC Games in 2023


Shooters, platformers, fighting games, stealth action games, horror games, action RPGs - they all contain action elements. 


The action in Action games develops dynamically; what happens requires high concentration and quick reaction to surrounding events. All this provokes excitement, which undoubtedly affects the popularity of games in this genre. And in 2023, action PC games are masterpieces that everyone should play.


Call of Duty



The Call of Duty series of action shooters began its journey in 2003. This year, the first game was released, which opened the way for new projects. 


As a result, one of the most popular shooters today is Call of Duty: Warzone, which is no longer just a single-player project but a full-fledged online shooter that can be played with a sports aspect. As a result, gamers can bet on esports at Thunderpick and, at the same time, enjoy a modern AAA action shooter. 


Although the Call of Duty is not going through its best times, each game remains relevant in 2023.


Grand Theft Auto V


GTA V is a combination of everything that action games love. Here you will find fights, shootouts, chases, explosions, gambling, yoga, Tarantino-level dialogues, etc. Of course, like in the previous series of games, Grand Theft Auto is a kind of separate world, but in 2023, only the last part remains relevant.


Unfortunately, the GTA Trilogy remasters were terrible. Even Rockstar publicly apologized for such poor-quality releases, so most gamers dropped SA and Vice City and dived back into GTA V.


In Grand Theft Auto V, the developers implemented a huge region with three heroes, exciting missions, and multiplayer, which, even after many years, is filled with active gamers, especially those who love RP.


Resident Evil 4 2023


Let's not go too far from remasters. Resident Evil 4, fortunately, turned out to be much more successful than the GTA remasters, for which it received many high ratings and positive reviews from gamers and critics. GTA failed to optimize and provide high-quality graphics. Capcom made a perfect remake that modernized the game without sacrificing the plot, characters, action, and other features gamers love this game for.


Moreover, Resident Evil 4 2023 is more difficult than previous games, even for experienced series fans. So, if you want to enjoy the game, pay attention to the useful tools for comfortable and easy gameplay.


Alan Wake 2


How about something new and fresh? Alan Wake 2 is the action game we've been waiting for for 13 years. But why did they start talking about it since it seems like the story was supposed to end in Alan Wake’s American Nightmare DLC? 


The main source of such thoughts was another project from Remedy Entertainment. It was a Control game with dozens of references to the fact that the main character of Alan Wake might still be alive, and gamers should be prepared for this.


As a result, Alan Wake 2 is a project that was kept under lock and key for a very long time, only small hints were given that POSSIBLY a new game would be released, etc. So, at the moment, this is one of the best and freshest action games in the market.


Lies of P



Probably not a single year will pass by without souls-like projects. Lies of P is a hardcore Pinocchio action game set in a Victorian setting that is more reminiscent of Bloodborne but with a much deeper plot and core story. 


The events of Lies of P start shortly after the uprising of the machines. The main character is a Pinocchio puppet with the appearance of a teenager. The robot must get to the Krat Hotel, the only safe place in the city. 


From there, Pinocchio goes in search of his creator, Gepetto. The plot is similar to a souls-like project. What about the gameplay? Well, basically the same as in Bloodborne or Dark Souls. This is a good decision since new features and mechanics could scare away most fans who have played soul games for a long time and do not plan to stop.


Although to be honest, I would like to see something new. Perhaps this would not justify itself, but as a last resort, this could be removed during the first update. But Lies of P is definitely a worthy representative of the genre in 2023.




Action is one of the biggest video game genres. Any game requiring the gamer to have good reactions, high concentration, and the ability to assess the situation and make quick decisions can be classified as one. The legendary Pac-Man is the first representative and best gaming project still relevant in 2023. But still, the gaming market is not standing, so gamers are still waiting for many projects in the action genre.


In 2024, we will definitely see a new Call of Duty, a souls-like game (maybe even more than one), several remakes, and possibly GTA 6. So stay tuned.

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