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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Monster Nest Looting Glitch (Pre-Patch)

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All monster nests can be looted numerous times. This has worked on every revision of the game including the current version 1.08. Find a monster nest. Kill the monsters and destroy the nest with a bomb as usual. The trick now is 2 fold- 1. Loot the nest but NEVER take out all the loot- leave ONE item in the nest. If you take all of the items it will NOT respawn. 2. Once you have looted the nest, leaving one item still inside, rotate your camera so the "x" to loot the nest disappears off the screen. You can run around to make it go off screen BUT the fastest way is to stand in a spot where simply rotating the camera makes the "x" to loot the nest go off camera/screen. As you look back at the nest so the "x" is on screen- loot again! And repeat- always leaving one item in the nest. I find it easiest to stand in front of the nest where simply rotating the camera 360 degrees every time I loot causes the respawn. WAY faster than moving around. The number of times you can loot the nest is relative to how long the nest would spawn monsters if you were killing the spawned monsters but did not blow the nest up. You can easily loot a nest 70-80 times...

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