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Using this Trainer:

Launch the trainer first, then launch the Game and then Press F1 at the Main Menu.

Listen for "Activated".

Press desired option key


Options in Promo:

Numpad +: Unlimited Policy Changes



Numpad 1: Energy

Numpad 2: Minerals

Numpad 3: Influence

Numpad 4: Physics

Numpad 5: Society

Numpad 6: Engineering

Numpad 7: AI Accept All Demands

Numpad 8: AI Off

Numpad 9: Invincible

Numpad 0: Instant Build

Numpad /: Click Planet to Contol

Numpad *: Unlimited FTL

Numpad .: Instant Colony

Numpad -: Instant Move

Numpad +: Unlimited Policy Changes



Numpad 1: Energy - Pause the game and then press key to add more.

Numpad 2: Minerals - Pause the game and then press key to add more.

Numpad 3: Influence - Pause the game and then press key to add more.

Numpad 4: Physics - Pause the game and then press key to add more.

Numpad 5: Society - Pause the game and then press key to add more.

Numpad 6: Engineering - Pause the game and then press key to add more.

Numpad 7: AI Accept All Demands - toggle on and when negotiating and certain other parts of the game, the AI will agree to almost anything you suggest.

Numpad 8: AI Off - if you press this and hear OFF, then the AI is OFF.  If you press it and hear ON, then the AI is on.  This will shut down certain things the AI is doing.  While this is on you can pretty much start building your planets and everything without much interference.

Numpad 9: Invincible - toggle on and the player fleets and ships and most things are invincible.

Numpad 0: Instant Build - toggle on and many things complete instantly.

Numpad /: Click Planet to Contol - toggle on and while on when you click on planetary things, they instantly become under your control.

Numpad *: Unlimited FTL - toggle on for unlimited faster than light travel.

Numpad .: Instant Colony - toggle on and the process for creating instant colony will happen in many areas.

Numpad -: Instant Move - toggle on and many ships will move to where you right click very quickly.  Make sure the game speed is normal or higher.

Numpad +: Unlimited Policy Changes - toggle on to allow easier policy changes.


Temporarily Disable Hotkeys:

To temporarily disable the Hotkeys, press CTRL-H after trainer is activated.  You can use CTRL-H to re-activate the Hotkeys as well.


Creating Custom Hotkeys:

You can click on the actual option in the Trainer application itself to modify the Hotkey or the value used for that option.  The trainer will save your hotkeys for you.  To delete your Custom Hotkeys for this trainer, press the Debug Tab and then press CTRL-K and the keys will be deleted.

Unlock more trainer options including updates from here - Stellaris Trainer

Game files - Stellaris

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