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    Man O' War: Corsair

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Unlock more trainer options including updates from here - Man O´ War: Corsair Trainer


Using this Trainer:

Launch the trainer first, then launch the Game and then Press F1 at the Main Menu.

Listen for "Trainer Activated".

Press desired hotkey.


Options in Promo

Edit: Gender


Options (Trainer):

Numpad 1: Add 500 Gold

Numpad 2: Add 50 Fame

Numpad 3: Add 5 Skill Points


Options (Editor):

Edit: Gold

Edit: Faction

Edit: Gender

Edit: Skin Colour

Edit: Char Primary Colour

Edit: Char Secondary Colour

Edit: Crew Primary Colour

Edit: Crew Secondary Colour

Edit: Prosperity

Edit: Total Time Played

Edit: Total Real Time Played

Edit: Lifetime Trade Balance

Edit: Difficulty Level

Edit: Faction

Edit: Current Movement Index

Edit: Is Turning

Edit: Steering Direction

Edit: Forward Throttle

Edit: Strafe Throttle

Edit: Immobilised Throttle

Edit: Unfavourable Sailing

Edit: Recoil Time

Edit: Recoil Timer

Edit: Recoil

Edit: Is Grounded

Edit: Is Pushing Off Land

Edit: Distance Pushed Off

Edit: Push Off Angle

Edit: Push Off Direction

Edit: Sunk

Edit: Should Disperse

Edit: Water Wheel Speed

Edit: Random Speed Timer

Edit: Random Speed Multiplier

Edit: Ramming

Edit: Do Not Ram

Edit: Last Damage Time

Edit: Surrendered

Edit: Tilt Angle

Edit: Time Elapsed Since Aggressors Attack

Edit: Boarding Connected

Edit: Attached First

Edit: Boarding Direction

Edit: Global Update Timer

Edit: Gold

Edit: Docking Area Index

Edit: Lamps Lit

Edit: Lighting Timer

Edit: Boarding Elapsed Duration

Edit: Boarding Action Timer

Edit: Is Submarine

Edit: Submarine State

Edit: Target Depth

Edit: Submerge Timer

Edit: Undock Time

Edit: Sinking Timer

Edit: Grounded Decay Timer

Edit: Controlled

Edit: Cheer Trigger

Edit: Missed Shot

Edit: Cheer Timer

Edit: Origin Faction

Edit: Point Value

Edit: Max Crew

Edit: Last In Combat

Edit: Has Ram

Edit: Has Drill

Edit: Ram Save Modifier

Edit: Instant Acceleration

Edit: Enable Character Animations

Edit: Immobilised

Edit: Weapons Disabled

Edit: Break Off Disabled

Edit: Bonus To Boarding

Edit: Bonus Wind Move

Edit: Bonus Move

Edit: Reflects Spells

Edit: Bonus Boarding Distance

Edit: Boarding Disabled

Edit: Ramming Disabled

Edit: Becalmed

Edit: Passes Through Obstacles

Edit: Magic Disabled

Edit: Saving Throw Bonus

Edit: Cannot Be Targeted

Edit: General Movement Speed Multiplier

Edit: Status Effect Movement Speed Multiplier

Edit: Reload Speed Multiplier

Edit: Fights For Enemy

Edit: Madness Faction

Edit: Fires All Weapons

Edit: Surrenders On Boarding

Edit: Only Damages Player

Edit: Accuracy Bonus

Edit: Ability Boarding Bonus

Edit: Death Frenzied

Edit: Death Frenzy Timer

Edit: Perm Saving Throw Bonus

Edit: Perm Saving Throw Bonus Low

Edit: Perm Movement Speed Bonus

Edit: Perm Boarding Bonus

Edit: Firepumps

Edit: Num Upgrade Slots

Edit: Relative Wind Direction

Edit: Current Boarding Score

Edit: Loaded Nav Target

Edit: Loaded Nav Target Direction

Edit: Loaded Nav Waypoint

Edit: Crew Models Loaded

Edit: Crew Visible

Edit: Nav Target

Edit: Stopped

Edit: Global Nav Target

Edit: Current Tilt

Edit: Tilt Inverse

Edit: Non Monster Tilt

Edit: Tilt Start Time

Edit: Tilt Towards

Edit: Straight Movement Distance

Edit: Turn Amount

Edit: Dropped Cargo

Edit: Ignore Wind Amount

Edit: Facing Wind Angle

Edit: With Wind Angle

Edit: Last Wind Whine

Edit: Facing Wind Direction Proportion

Edit: With Wind Proportion

Edit: Wind Boost

Edit: Snapped Masts

Edit: Geometry Hidden

Edit: Boarding Idle Timeout

Edit: Lookout Range

Edit: Lookout Timer

Edit: Unquestionable

Edit: Lantern Cooldown

Edit: Last Lantern Spawn

Edit: Last Explosion Sound Time

Edit: Last Impact Sound Time

Edit: Splinter Fade

Edit: Blood Fade

Edit: Is Boarding Attacker

Edit: Is Boarding

Edit: Capacity

Edit: Fame

Edit: Infamy

Edit: Gunnery

Edit: Ship Control

Edit: Leadership

Edit: Boarding Bonus

Edit: Gun Reload Speed Multiplier

Edit: Gun Damage Multiplier

Edit: Facing Wind Angle Bonus

Edit: With Wind Angle Bonus

Edit: DefinitionI D

Edit: Def Applied

Edit: Loyalty

Edit: Bravery

Edit: Obedience

Edit: Reaction Time

Edit: Looting Preference

Edit: Hit And Run Preference

Edit: Long Range Preference

Edit: Short Range Preference

Edit: Ram Preference

Edit: Boarding Preference

Edit: Skill Points

Game files - Man O' War: Corsair

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