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Fallout 4: 3 Saves

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These are three different saved games I made for folks that might want to have access to stuff but still start at low level.  But, dont want to run the quests again.  Sorta for RP playthroughs, explorations and such.

1) Just the Main Quest line completed via the Railroad and the character is level 4.  All side quests that weren't required were skipped.  I didn't loot everything in sight.  But, did get the uniques that might otherwise not be retrievable.  The loot that was acquired is in the Sanctuary workbench.  All the map markers were deactivated.  I only used mods that turned off most experience . No perks spent and all SPECIALs are 4.  Just use showspecialmenu and showlooksmenu to tweek the character to your desire.  I did use the trick of sending X6-88 away to Sanctuary before commiting to the end of the questline.  So, he is in Sancturay farming and still able to be a companion.  Just remember.  DONT TAKE HIM TO RAILROAD HQ!  They will start attacking you onsight and everything goes Tango Uniform from there..

2) Main Quest and Automatron completed.  Character is level 5.  Left the Mechanist alive and Ada is in Sanctuary.  Abit more loot was acquired due to crafting requirements of the questline.  Otherwise, same as above.

3) Main Quest line, Automatron and Far Harbor completed.  Character is level 5.  The Far Harbor main questline was completed with all three factions remaining alive and the daughter is back home.  To complete the main questline and have all three factions still around required doing most of the CoA sidequests.  But, all the side quests for Acadia and Far Harbor have not yet been done.  In this save all the map markers are visible and werent deactivated.  Reason being is when you turn off all the map markers.  The Nakato residence and the Far Harbor / Commonwealth fast travel markers are not discoverable again.  The are unlocked as part of the questline.  If you dont need those markers in your playthrough.  Just use console command tmm 0,0,0 to turn them all off.

Hope some folks find these useful!

As per a request.  I added a save that is a level 3 save right before ya go into the Institute for the first time.  That is the farthest back I had with that character.  Although you got the Railroad to help ya build the Relay Signal Interceptor.  You can still decide who you want to ally with to complete the Main questline.  For instance.  If you just go inside.  Tell Father to F*%K OFF and return to the Railroad.  They tell ya they don't have to resources to deal with the Institute without more intel and they recommend you seek help elsewhere, perhaps the Minutemen..

Author: Raverbane 

Fallout 4: 3 Saves

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