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Ok, so I'm one of those out there who has the cracked, offline version of Dragon Age Inquisition for the pc. The problem I get into (and I know I'm not alone) is that if you go online you loose everything and you cannot get into Dragon Age Now after thorough searching (several months worth) I came across a forum which pointed out a Save Editor that was made about a year ago that really works like Dragon Age Keep!

So what to do:
1: Create a new game (new character, etc.) When you can control your character, as in the bridge in the very beginning outside of Haven's dungeon to attempt closing the tear in the veil, you have the ability to save. Do so. Make 2 just in case.
2: Exit the game entirely back to desktop. Open up the save editor, locate your Save folder. ex: DocumentsBiowareDragon Age InquisitionSave
3: Now it gets tricky. Once you've edited the world history as you want, save it and you have the option of renaming it. Find the original save and add the number 2 at the end of your new modified save. Exit the trainer.
4: In the Save folder, create a folder called Backup and place your original modified save within it.
5: Remove the 2 from your modified save and start up the game. It should now go where you left off with the world history as you wanted, just like Dragon Age Keep!!!

Be advised: Only modify Dragon Age Origins through Dragon Age 2. Don't mess with the current Dragon Age Inquisition history. You'll destroy your save.

Have fun gamers! I didn't make the editor, just sharing it for all my fellow gamers.

Author:  melstar66743

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