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Dark Souls 3: Trainer (+29) [1.04] {LinGon}

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    Dark Souls 3

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HOME Key - Trainer Activation HotKey!

          F1 - Infinite HP
          - Keeps you alive and well

          F2 - Infinite FP
          - Keeps your mana power infinite

          F3 - Infinite Stamina
          - Keeps your stamina filled

          F4 - Super Speed
          - Alows you to run & move faster

          F5 - One Hit Kill
          - Allows you to take out enemies in a single hit

          F6 - Low Weight
          - Sets a very low carry weight

          F7 - High Item Discovery
          - Increases the possibility of discovering good drops by enemies

          F8 - Infinite Consumable/Items
          - Consumables such as potions wont run out while active

          F9 - Infinite Weapon/Item Durability
           - Weapons wont break whilen on

          CTRL+ Numpad 1 - No Freezing
          - Prevents you from freezing

          CTRL+ Numpad  2 - No Bleeding
          - Prevents you from bleeding

          CTRL+ Numpad  3 - Never Cursed
          - Prevents you from being cursed

          CTRL+ Numpad  4 - Never Poisoned
          - Prevents you from being poisoning

          Delete Key - Air Walk
          - While enabled use below hotkeys to increase the players Y axis. E.G. up and down position
          - To disable press this same hotkey while ingame and move the player slightly forward or backwards
          - or make a roll for it to restore the players default Y axis
          - while on you can walk around at any hight in the game depending on what hight is set with below hotkeys
          - walk right off a ledge without falling while active

          Page Up Key - Increase Hight
          - Increases the players Y axis position

          Page Down key - Decrease Hight
          - Decreases the players Y axis position

          EDITOR Options:

          End Key - Set Player Level
          - Allows you to alter the players level

          Numpad 0 - Set Souls
         - Allows you to set a custom amount for souls

          Numpad 1 - Set Vigor

          Numpad 2 - Set Attunement

          Numpad 3 - Set Endurance

          Numpad 4 - Set Vitality

          Numpad 5 - Set Strenght

          Numpad 6 - Set Dexterity

          Numpad 7 - Set Intelegence

          Numpad 8 - Set Faith

          Numpad 9 - Set Luck

          Number 8 - Store Location
          Number 9 - Teleport
          Number 0 - Undo Teleportation

     May or may not work correct with all versions of this game title.

     Important before using any of the above options make a backup of your game save just incase, and also make a save so you dont loose any vital data.

    Also important dont use it online to cheat or updates will only be available to those that donate and play fair.

     Any problems getting the trainer activation to work - Then Make sure you close down all open running programs that might be running on your windows before you run the game and the trainer
    ----> For Additional options please view the trainer!


 - Extra Note:

   Preferably start the "Game first" - Next one's the game is running, minimize the game and run the trainer!
   which ever order should work in most cases, but starting Game first is recommended, next use Alt Tab to minimize the game and run the trainer, next restore the game and Activate the trainer!
 - Trainer Requests And Extra Notes!
   To request a trainer or any specific options you may contact me through my youtube channel via PM/private messages with your request - Any request posted elsewhere will be ignored.
   You are also welcomed to support me by making any kind of donations through my blog using the link to my paypal where you may donate to show your support.
   Any support is appreciated!
   Also note, I mostly always put priority on trainers for newer game titles first before i do any requests and i do not do all kinds of requests, 
   also you may have a bigger chance of getting your request done by supporting me. 

 - Author: LinGon

Game files - Dark Souls 3

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