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Dark Souls II - Save Backup Tool

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This simple app allows you to backup your saves during game using familiar hotkeys.

The reason I created this one is because the above mentioned didn't work for me and even though I believe that this virus is false positive it was disturbing me so I created my own and decided to share it with you.
Working principle is very simple it copies appointed files to backup location which is:
- let say File is in ...\File_Folder
- then Quick Save is in ...\File_Folder\_QuickSave
- and Slot Saves are in ...\File_Folder\_SlotSaves\NUM

More information about app is displayed when you click blue question mark in a circle.
It's extremely easy to use and I hope some of you will find it useful. One thing to realize this app is not exclusively for Dark Souls 2, it can be used for any game using this save file system (which is most games). You can specify in the app this files you want to add and should something go wrong you will get notification.


It copies last save that game made to one of backup folders. That means save relates to last game save and program does NOT force game to make save.


It loads copies backup file to actual save file folder. Note that you need to exit game before loading save.
You don't need to actually exit game, just go to the main menu.


create new folder
inside that folder create text file
point program to this file
click F5 and check if there is backup file create in subfolder
delete original file
click F9 and check if original file is back where it used to be.
if everything worked that means that app is working and if you are still having problems then you should reread HOW DOES SAVING AND LOADING WORK.

IMPORTIANT: In order to work Dark Souls must be running in window mode (at least for me).
IMPORTIANT2: To work program needs .NET framework. On most modern windows machines it's already installed but if you don't have it or you are not sure please download it from official Microsoft site:

NOTE: For everyone stating that is cheating, yes you are right but I don't have nearly as much time I would like for games like this and I like the option of having "noob mode".

Contributor:  bielik20

Dark Souls II - Save Backup Tool

Game files - Dark Souls 2

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