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Gears 5: Trainer +10 WS-1.1.510.0 STM- (STEAM+WINDOWS STORE) {}

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    Gears 5

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Unlock more trainer options including updates from here - Gears 5 Trainer


Activating this trainer:

If not state otherwise below, press F1 at main menu.

Listen for 'Trainer Activated'.

Press desired hotkey. All hotkeys can be changed on the trainer.


Promo Options:

Multiply: No Mounted Guns Overheat


Trainer Options:

# Player 

NumPad1: Unlimited Player Health

# Weapon 

NumPad2: Unlimited Ammo

NumPad3: No Reload

# Powers 

NumPad4: Fast Jack Ability Cooldown

# Team 

NumPad5: Unlimited Bleedout Recovery Timer

NumPad6: Unlimited Buddy Health

# Enemies 

NumPad7: Super Damage

# Resources 

NumPad8: Unlimited Components

# Overheat 

NumPad9: No Weapon Overheat

Multiply: No Mounted Guns Overheat




This game comes with Easy Anti Cheat, which is designed to prevent online multiplayer cheating.  We DO NOT CONDONE PVP ONLINE CHEATING IN MULTIPLAYER ENVIRONMENTS!

However, the game ALSO has Campaign which can be played offline.

To be able to use the trainer with the game, you MUST run the included file:

CH Gears 5 Launcher.exe


Then run:

CH Gears 5 Launcher.exe

then follow the instructions.

You will NOT be able to play with or against other people online while the launcher and trainer is running.


Run trainer

Run CH Gears 5 Launcher.exe

Read and follow and click prompts in CH Gears 5 Launcher window.

Run Gears 5

Leave the launcher running in the background as it states.  If you close the launcher the game will close and/or the trainer will not work.

When done playing, close the game, then click the OK in the launcher to close it.

DO NOT TRY AND PLAY ONLINE.  YOU WILL JUST CAUSE ISSUES AND LIKELY BE BANNED OR SOME OTHER PROBLEM.  Trying to cheat ONLINE will just get the ability for people to use trainers for the Campaign to be defeated.  DON'T DO IT!


For STEAM users, turning off CLOUD in Steam will help eliminate the long pause when you run the game.

If you want to try and launch the game yourself without launcher or there is issues you can try the following:

Delete folder here:


Disable your internet adapter temporarily or disable the internet

run game

Once the easy anti cheat pops up and goes away, re-enable your internet adapter or internet

Proceed to activate trainer.


Unlimited Player Health:

Toggle on and most things cannot kill you.  Scripted deaths can still occur!

Unlimited Ammo:

Toggle on and most weapons have unlimited ammo.

No Reload:

Toggle on and most weapons will not need reload.

Fast Jack Ability Cooldown:

Toggle on and your powers cooldown instantly.

Unlimited Bleedout Recovery Timer:

Toggle on and when bleed out is happening, you have much longer time to save or be saved.

Unlimited Buddy Health:

Toggle on and most instances and types of buddies will have unlimited health to most types of damage.

Super Damage:

Toggle on and most enemies die instantly.  Some enemies are spawned in crawling state and easy to kill as well.

Unlimited Components:

Toggle on and enter the screen where you can spend these, and then you have unlimited.

No Weapon Overheat:

Toggle on and many weapons do not overheat.

Gears 5: Trainer +10 WS-1.1.510.0 STM- (STEAM+WINDOWS STORE) {}

Game files - Gears 5

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