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Far Cry: New Dawn - Trainer +13 v1.0.2 {}

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    Far Cry: New Dawn

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    After downloading .zips file rename the file to .zip and open it with any compression program
Unlock more trainer options including updates from here - Far Cry: New Dawn Trainer


Activating this trainer:
If not state otherwise below, press F1 at main menu.
Listen for 'Trainer Activated'.
Press desired hotkey. All hotkeys can be changed on the trainer.

Promo Options:
NumPad2: Unlimited Stamina

Trainer Options:
NumPad1: Unlimited Health
NumPad2: Unlimited Stamina
NumPad3: Unlimited Oxygen
NumPad4: Stealth Mode
NumPad5: Unlimited Ammo
NumPad6: No Reload
NumPad7: No Recoil
NumPad8: Perfect Aim
NumPad9: Easy Craft
Multiply: Easy Station Upgrade and Trade Loot
Add: Teleport To Waypoint
Separator: Mega Vehicle Health
Subtract: Unlimited Vehicle Machine Guns


Unlimited Health: Toggle on to try and keep health at 100%.

Unlimited Stamina: Toggle on to try and keep stamina at 100%.

Unlimited Oxygen: Toggle on to try and keep oxygen at 100%.

Stealth Mode: Toggle on BEFORE you are spotted and likely most enemies cannot see you.

Unlimited Ammo: Toggle on and when you reload, the ammo count does not drop.

No Reload: Toggle on and most weapons the ammo remains full in the current clip.

No Recoil: Toggle on and many weapons the gun will not kick when fired.

Perfect Aim: Toggle on and most weapons the aiming reticle is the maximum aiming precision.

Easy Craft: Toggle this on then enter the Workstation to create weapons.  You can craft weapons that are unlocked, even if you do not have the materials.

Easy Station Upgrade and Trade Loot: Toggle this on and you can likely upgrade stations that need ethanol, also when you enter the Trade Loot screens, or many  other inventory screens you can likely upgrade or make the transaction.  TOGGLE BACK OFF when done with SPECIFICALLY USING THIS FOR CRAFT TYPE THINGS, as this is a powerful function in the game.  Leave off unless upgrading.

Teleport To Waypoint: This teleport process, you might teleport slightly higher than you are currently, so make sure Unlimited Health Option is on!  Right click an area to teleport to on the MAP, making sure to NOT select an icon, just a blank part of the map.  Click this option, then leave the MAP and you are teleported quickly to the location!

Mega Vehicle Health: Toggle on and the vehicle you enter will have massive health.

Unlimited Vehicle Machine Guns: Toggle on and many vehicles that have mounted machine guns will now no longer overheat.

Far Cry: New Dawn - Trainer +13 v1.0.2 {}

Game files - Far Cry: New Dawn

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