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Far Cry 5: Trainer +23 v1.109 (+LOST ON MARS 08.27.2018) {}

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Unlock more trainer options including updates from here - Far Cry 5 Trainer


OUR TRAINER IS FOR SINGLE PLAYER, CAMPAIGN USE! If you want to best safely use the trainer, set Uplay and/or Steam into OFFLINE mode, run the trainer, then unplug your internet.

The game FarCry5 has software included named Easy Anti Cheat that prevents trainers and mods from attaching to the game.  If this software is running along with the game, trainers and mods will not work.

If you have already gotten FarCry5 running without EAC, then just run the trainer and press F1 to activate.

If you need the trainer to launch FarCry5 without EAC, then run the trainer FIRST, making sure that the game is NOT running.

Press F2 to open the Folder Browser so you can select the root directory that the FarCry5 game is installed in.  Usually one of these locations:




\Program Files (x86)\Ubisoft\games\Far Cry 5

Once you selected the proper folder, click OK.  The trainer will try to launch the game for you.

Once the game is at the main menu, then press F1 to activate the trainer.


Trainer Options:

Numpad 1: Unlimited Health
Numpad 2: Unlimited Stamina
Numpad 3: Unlimited Oxygen
Numpad 4: Super Stealth
Numpad 5: Unlimited Ammo/Items/Throwables/Consumables
Numpad 6: No Reload
Numpad 7: No Recoil
Numpad 8: Set Money
Numpad 9: Unlimited Supplies
Numpad 0: Unlimited Perks
Numpad /: Capture Waypoint Location
Numpad *: Teleport to Waypoint
Numpad -: Easy Crafting
Numpad +: Unlimited Homeopathic Powers Duration
Numpad .: Perfect Aim
F3: Fly Up
F5: Capture Position
F6: Teleport to Captured Position
F7: Undo Teleport
F4: Vehicle Super Armor
F8: Easy Fishing
F9: Unlimited Aircraft/Vehicle Missles/Bombs/Flares
F10: Unlimited Aircraft/Vehicles Mounted Gunfire
F11: Unlimited Challenge/Mission Timers
F4: Unlimited Mars DLC Jetpack/Energy



Numpad 1: Unlimited Health - toggle this on and most things cannot kill you.

Numpad 2: Unlimited Stamina - toggle this on and your stamina remains full at all times.

Numpad 3: Unlimited Oxygen - toggle this on and you can remain under water indefinitely.

Numpad 4: Super Stealth - toggle this on and if the enemy has not seen you, you remain undetected.

Numpad 5: Unlimited Ammo/Items/Throwables/Consumables - toggle this on and most ammo, items, throwables, and consumables will not decrease when you reload or use them.

Numpad 6: No Reload - toggle on and most weapons will not deplete the current clip count when you fire them.

Numpad 7: No Recoil - toggle on and most weapons have no kick when fired.

Numpad 8: Set Money - press TAB to open the menu and note your amount, then press this option key to set the amount to the value shown in the trainer.

Numpad 9: Unlimited Supplies - toggle this on and then enter the inventory and most items are set to 99.  Some items may not change if you have not gathered them or seen them yet.

Numpad 0: Unlimited Perks - toggle this on and you have the amount of perks shown in trainer.  Toggle on then enter the Perks screen to spend them.

Numpad /: Capture Waypoint Location - very useful option.  You can right click on the map to set a waypoint, then press this option to capture it.

Numpad *: Teleport to Waypoint - if you have a waypoint set and have captured it, press this to teleport to the waypoint.  If the game has positioned you slightly high, you can parachute down.  You might toggle on the health option when teleporting for safety.

Numpad -: Easy Crafting - toggle this on and even if you do not have the components, you can craft the items.

Numpad +: Unlimited Homeopathic Powers Duration - toggle this on and your powers duration remains frozen.

Numpad .: Perfect Aim - toggle this on and most weapons you have much better aim.

F3: Fly Up - press this key to vault your character up into the air.  You can use this for surveillance, to get to places using parachute or dropping into locations, or to keep putting you higher to continue wing suit flights.

F5: Capture Position - press this to capture your current position on foot in the game world.

F6: Teleport to Captured Position - press this to teleport you to the captured position.

F7: Undo Teleport - undo the last teleport you accomplished.

F4: Vehicle Super Armor - toggle this on and when you enter a vehicle it becomes practically indestructable.  This won't protect soft items like tires or windshields.  This likely includes your parachute and wingsuits as well.

F8: Easy Fishing - toggle this on and you can catch fish without breaking the line.  Just reel and pull them in.

F9: Unlimited Aircraft/Vehicle Missles/Bombs/Flares - toggle on and most aircraft and likely many other vehicles will have unlimited special ordnance types, such as missles, etc.  If you have 1 of the type, then fire, the amount will not decrease.

F10: Unlimited Aircraft/Vehicles Mounted Gunfire - toggle on and most aircraft and likely many other vehicles will be able to fire mounted guns such as machine guns without them overheating.

F11: Unlimited Challenge/Mission Timers - toggle on and most of the challenges and missions that have timers (such as the Clutch Nixon challenges), the timers will freeze.  Turn off when not needed.  Some missions require the timer to reach zero.

F4: Unlimited Mars DLC Jetpack/Energy - toggle on while in the MARS DLC and your character has unlimited Jetpack power.

Far Cry 5: Trainer +23 v1.109 (+LOST ON MARS 08.27.2018) {}

Game files - Far Cry 5

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