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ELEX: Trainer +18 V3 1.0.2956.0 (STEAM+GOG) {}

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Activating this trainer:
Press F1 at main menu.
Listen for 'Trainer Activated'.
Press desired hotkey. All hotkeys can be changed on the trainer.

Trainer Options:
NumPad1: Infinite Health
NumPad2: Infinite Mana
NumPad3: Infinite Stamina
NumPad4: Unlimited Combo Meter
NumPad5: Infinite Jetpack
NumPad6: Change Elexit By 500
NumPad7: Change Learning Points By 5
NumPad8: Change Attribute Points By 5
NumPad9: Change EXP By 250
NumPad0: Reset Cold Level
NumPad/: One Hit Kills
NumPad*: No Poison / Radioactive / Fall Damage
NumPad-: Perfect Lockpicking & Hacking Skills
NumPad+: Change Quantity Of Selected Item By 5
NumPad.: Set World Speed To (Slowmo)
Page UP: Set World Speed To (Super Speed)
Page Down: Toggle Fly Camera

Insert: Set Loyalty Of Selected Character To 200

Editor Options:
World Speed
Selected Item: Quantity

SAVE YOUR GAME BEFORE EDITING VALUES so you will always have a backup in case anything goes wrong!

Infinite Health: If something one hit kills you, you might need to increase your maximum health using the editor.

Reset Cold Level: Press hotkey to reset your cold level back to neutral.

One Hit Kills: This could also affect ally NPCs so be careful with this on mission with allies.

No Poison / Radioactive / Fall Damage: While active you can run into poison areas without any problems. You will also no longer receive radioactive or fall damage.

Perfect Lockpicking & Hacking Skills: Press hotkey and it will set your lockpicking and hacking skills to maximum. It will also create a backup of your original skill values. Once you are done press again to reset your original skill values - DO NOT FORGET THIS STEP! This option is very useful if you temporarily need better lockpicking skills.

Change Quantity Of Selected Item By: Mouse HOVER the item you wish to change for example ammo, press hotkey.

Set World Speed: Press hotkey to set world speed to a specific value (two hotkeys for either slowmo or super speed). This is useful if you need to pass a long distance and don't or cannot fast travel. Or just want to pass some time. Press again to reset. Remember you can change the values on the trainer.

Fly Camera: Press hotkey and you can fly around making some cool screenshots or look for something useful.
Press again to switch back to your character.

Selected Character Loyalty: First talk to the character and check your loyalty status. Then press hotkey or use editor. The maximum loyalty is 200 and the minimum loyalty is 0.

Unlock more trainer options including updates from here - ELEX Trainer

Game files - ELEX

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